Brandon’s Poetry Corner, 5/16/21.

Rather (Pressure)

Quitting is worse than suicide. I should know.
Humiliation the icing on my pride as I grow.
More than a decade after higher learning
is not helping more of a decade of my earnings.
I know I said that wrong.
The schools ain’t teaching self-encouragement, the blues in my song.
I would have to know people, brown nose, be in a brotherhood,
and/ or be on my knees. I fond none of those good.
Some would respond as if I’m not putting in the effort.
I agree a little as their outlook is better.
And Black males have to do the extra as the rest do the standard.
We’re just as regular, yet we’re still getting slandered.
As if more melanin aligns us with Satan
when it’s about we’re praising, so they’re mistaken.
I talk to Jesus about how the struggle is real.
People hurting others for their happiness. That’s their deal.
Slavery still exists in America. It’s just in mew clothes.
The ones that know about it fear being exposed.
I’m writing this, and my peers don’t want to hear it from me.
They rather hear it from a man with popularity.
And the Lord has been working on my dignity, reshaping it,
healing from previous misery as I’m hating it.
I’d rather count the hairs I’m going to cut off,
cut off fake fellowships. Some friends may shut off
the idea. I should be brave to reconcile,
love them all of course as the history’s in file.
Some found me weird. I’ll take that badge and strut.
It hurt that some Black folks didn’t find me Black enough.
Who made them leaders of the council?
I’ll hand over my card with a sound will.
Strip all I have where it’s just me that’s left.
I may rebuild something tremendously deft.
Quitting is worse than suicide. I shouldn’t say that
because worrisome ears wouldn’t want to hear the playback,
but it’s true to me. Profusely I’ve been fighting
discouragement. The Lord has been giving me encouragement.
The Word gives nourishment in a world against Jesus as the Messiah,
Hating him with a desire.
They rather set his existence on fire and live the way they want,
and the way they want may leave them gaunt.
They don’t want to hear it.
An encouraging word may help their appearance.
So it’s best that I lead by example,
tell them how evil spirits want my life trampled.
And I’m still around. I should be in the shadows,
but a little sun is good for my skin as far as I know.
The joy evil spirits want to keep us away from
is the same joy that will bless us. I rather overcome…
… overcome how Black men are falsely portrayed,
overcome how my skills aren’t appreciated,
overcome how my trust has been betrayed.
I’m grateful. The Lord’s help will be compensated.
Some don’t want to share how they overcame.
If they’re snobbish when they do it, later they should feel shame.
Me as well. I’d rather be inspired and inspire to rise against the suffering,
make patient and wise moves whenever I am struggling.
And I’ll dispose how the world wants me to be made,
and disclose my talks with Jesus as he helps me along the way.
And I’ll expose my ears because he has much to say.

I’m waiting on the rebuttal.


90% of This Comedy Set was For The Mothers, 5/9/21.

Last Thursday, I did a set in spot in Georgetown, KY that was solely dedicated to mothers (Mother’s Day). That night, they were doing a set-of-the-night competition, and I opted out of it. I wanted to do something for my mother and other mothers out there. I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but I wanted to get that set out there.

And I’m just getting started.


Brandon’s Rhyme Corner, 4/30/21.

Qert (Wagner)’s Thoughts, April 2021

Qert doesn’t want to see April. He’d rather skip and see May,
not deal with wavering emotions and calm his days.
He’d also take 30 days of solitude
until the curse is over and he has better gratitude.
April is when his father left the family.
He wanted a second life, two loves. That’s insanity.
His actions affected his children greatly.
Based on last year and now, Qert hasn’t seen him lately.
Plus, he couldn’t build connections with the ladies.
From April ’til August, he’d rather they stay away from him.
They would do spring break and either hook up
and/ or come back taken so quick, and he doesn’t have that luck.
If they come around, Qert may receive them with closed arms.
He wants to stay clear from emotional harm.
His faith highly suggests forgiveness on his part.
Maybe it can help heal his broken heart.
And he can’t skip any steps in its recovery,
and maybe he’ll gain more wisdom as a discovery.
It doesn’t mean he would be a hermit.
If friends want his company, he should return it.
Whenever he sees them, Qert hopes much is learned
in his sabbatical while his discouragements are burned.

And I just getting sterted.


Vocational Journey of A Black Introvert, 4/24/21.

Last Friday, I woke up on time to know I would be late for work. I didn’t set my alarm, and if it weren’t for needing to use the bathroom, I think I would have made it on time. I called the job letting them know I would be late, and after I clocked in, I told the substitute supervisor I was sorry for being late. They go on to tell me to stop being late because employee reviews are coming. I replied as I said I have been late a few times, so I had nothing to worry about. They later on give me a list of times I clocked in, highlighting the times I was late. During the break, I counted the total days. Then I calculated the times I was late taking the times I was late divided by the total days on the list, then taking the decimal point 2 notches to the right. Come to find out I was around 4% late. I have nothing to worry about, and I don’t care.

I believe they know where to hit me when it comes to weaknesses in the vocation field. One of mine is that I’m self-conscious about arriving on time. They had a problem with it before. But I realize that a few people come in after me, and they haven’t got the treatment I’m getting according to my observations. I would give two birds, but I’m Christian, so that’s a no-no. I should be in fear, worried that they’ll severely punish/ fire me because I’ve been late 4% of the time, and one of them wasn’t my fault because the supervisor at the time. who was new, forgot to unlock the door for people to get in. So, I’m disappointed with the situation. I would be on time if I had a job that matches my education/ interests/ blessings. I’m learning to glorify the Lord wherever I work. I know that there’s favoritism/ nepotism at the workplace, and the higher ups will let things slide with folks they like or they’re intimidated by. With me, I got to fight, especially when I don’t brownnose, when I stay to myself, and when I’m myself, not acting like a shell of a Black man. Fo’shiggity, diggity.

I should look for another job now, right? Whenever they find this, I’ll need to get my things and leave.

And I’m just getting started.


Brandon’s Rhyme Corner, 3/31/21.

Qert (Wagner)’s Thoughts, March 2021

… Scoundrels, pirates bum rush the peace Qert dwells in.
Counsels hide and run. Who brought some hell in?
The innocent panic and freeze. Things get frantic at ease.
A disturbance in paradise. Who wanted a satanic disease?
He runs closer to the commotion. People get hurt.
The punks rejected Godly devotion. Evil get dirt.
They’re rioting their way in, disturbing a day in
a life of peace. Fighting dirty requires no way in.
The scoundrels are no body he knows,
and they brought little red imps with similar features he shows.
And they “bamf” like he did, and immediately he knew
who was behind this terrorist attack. He tries to
get the innocent somewhere safe away from danger.
The enemies were never happy. They’re pushing his anger.
Qert sees the mastermind. On him was a one and a heater.
He grabs a sword and ward off the foes for the believers.
The mastermind let off a shot. He teleports before the bullet hit.
They engage in combat. Guardians arrive to ward the lick.
As things start to get stabilized, the mastermind reveals
Qert was the gate that got them in. The shock goes down to his heels.
He snaps out of it before he was slashed with his blade.
The guardians fend off the thugs. He is blessed for their aide.
The innocent finally gets to cover. Qert is relieved.
Now, he’s able to let loose. He gives reasons to grieve.
His feet bamf many faces. His fists bamf many eyes.
The punks go for many kills, but fail with many tries.
The red imps cause annoying distractions.
The thugs don’t retreat, giving him dissatisfaction.
Although he’s grateful for the help of the resistance,
Qert needs my friends’ assistance.

And I’m just getting started.


Before I Forget, 3/30/21.

Because we’re coming to a close of March/ Women’s History Month, I want to say something about onw of my top 5 Hip-Hop artists, Jean Grae. I first got notice of her around 2002-2003 when The Source reviewed her album Attack of the Attacking Things. It was such a good album, something different and refreshing. I followed her career throughout the years and she stayed consistent. I wished the situation with Babygrande worked out because I would have loved to hear the Phoenix album (I also want to hear Cake or Death). Also, her Christmas albums are fun to listen to.

Jean Grae has a lot of talent behind the mic, paper, and pen, but another great thing about this emcee is her sense of humor (check out the video “underneathu”). Is she still charging $800 for 16 bars? I wished that jazzy Myspace intro was still online along with that song/ verse where she’s rapping the n-word throughout (even though I’m not about that word, but it was funny in that song). I always admired her witty wordplay, and I think she’s underrated. So, on this platform I’m giving Jean Grae my thanks for blessing us with her music and entertainment.


Something (To Say) Not Small, 3/28/21.

I don’t truly have a say in the whole thing. In 2007, I went to China during the summer, and for a few years I was involved in a Chinese church. So when the shootings in Atlanta happened, it affected me a bit.

If I put in #BlackLivesMatter, I’m including other people groups like the Chinese and the Mexicans (and all in between). Yes, we do have our issues with each other and within our own, but since there are other minorities experiencing racism and oppression I do it for them, too. There are Asians supporting #BlackLivesMatter, and there are Black people who are pulling up with #StopAsianHate. Some of us have that mindset of, “If it’s happening to us, it’s happening to you all, too.” When you all hurt, we show compassion. Sidenote: I was hearing about the Chinese church being persecuted a few years ago, with law enforcement shutting down house churches, and I was like, “not my church.” I can’t neglect their issues with racism while I’m raising awareness of racism in the Black community. Again, there are issues between the Black community and the Asian community, and it’s messed up, but it doesn’t mean we can’t bring our support for #StopAsianHate while addressing the issues. We have backed each other up for years on various situations, but they’re not mentioned. It would be a positive to change that narrative. So for y’all, I’m putting up the hashtag and making statements in the ways I know how.


Brandon’s Poetry Corner, 2/28/21.

Qert (Wagner)’s Thoughts, February 2021

Qert was in paradise,

squatting over the edge of the balcony. The view was beyond nice.

Contemplation was on eternal.

Eyes paused. He no longer had to live the worries the concerned all.

He no longer needed to cry anymore, feel pain anymore.

Even though he reached paradise, he thought it was a bore.

Maybe it was a part of the next stage he had to endure.

Given his previous life, he missed adventure.

A woman comes out on the balcony, delighted to be there,

checking up on Qert because she cares.

She saw the long look, wondering why he was so sad.

Finally living eternally in Heaven shouldn’t be bad.

Before Qert could explain his disappointments, there was a giant explosion.

Some unwanted raiders appeared to cause commotion.

But what he didn’t know….

And I’m just getting started.


Something Small, 2/17/21.

It’s weird that my job was still running during COVID-19, but when that ice and snow hit they took more precaution. I don’t mind the days off. I just wish it hit on a Thursday. I would be at work, and sometimes there are occasions where the material for the job doesn’t match the requirements, and I would like to leave sometimes because I feel they won’t look for the right material, they have the right material but would withhold it for future use, or they simply don’t have it. I would also think the supplier uses the wrong identification for the material.

Now, I have the cold. I wanted to pour hot salt water over my vehicle, but I think it will damage it. We already have mandatory overtime, and that will hinder some future activities over the weekend, but I need to be at work, even if the ice nd snow is not our fault.

And I’m just getting started.


Things That Will Place Me in The Hot Seat (Single Black Introvert Version), 2/7/21.

I may have said this already, but forget it. These are blogs.

I have friends who are of a different ethnicity. Some are married, and some are single. Say I like one of the ladies. If any of them would pick up that vibe, I would be on my own, no backup support if I were ever to pursue that lady. For example, if the folks were Filipino, they’re looking out for the Filipina lady. What messes me up is that they would root for her to hook up with a white man/ dude (I say dude), or someone who’s in the top ethnic chain (:P I think there is a ranking. I may speak on it).

I may be overexaggerating when I put out my thoughts, but my spirit has picked up on this with folks, and I found it unfair. One of the main factors outside of the color of my skin is that I didn’t know everybody. They may have been on the Spice Girl thing, I had to get to know everybody. The truth is I didn’t want to know everybody. Some folks gave me sketchy vibes. Some folks were reserved, and that was their problem. Those folks bleed out red just like I do. My thing was how folks treated others, whether they had a stank attitude or not.

Another factor outside of my skin color is that I don’t talk as much. I’m and introvert, I can me shy, and I can feel awkward in some situations. If folks want me to talk, give me something to talk about. When I was in grade school, some girls asked why I didn’t talk, and I said I had nothing to talk about. I should have asked, “What do you want me to talk about?” or, “What do you want to talk about?” to see what they were trying to get, but I didn’t think that way back then. Now, I’m not snobby. I have to find a middle ground so I can get into a conversation.

Another factor outside of my skin color is that I don’t have anything folks can relate to. I like cartoons, Legos, comic books, wrestling entertainment, J Dilla beats, and other things. They may think, “Huh?” But it doesn’t mean I can’t share what I like. There should be a middle ground instead of a brick wall.

And even when there is no brick wall, that mess about not having interracial love has me wanting to drop most of those friends. Black males seem to be directed to only love Black women, if that. Folks probably don’t want Black men to love any women. Also, I’ll get the ugliness when non-Black people introduce me to a Black woman they know. There’s no problem with that, but some of that happens in an attempt to get me away from the non-Black women, allegedly.

I may be tripping, though. I’ve said it on here before… I don’t care about the skin color. Because of the boundaries people are trying to make, I may lean more towards Black women (I do need to show more love to them, though). But I’m who I am. Whoever I possibly marry in the future, there will be stink mugs (faces). Folks might as well unfriend me on Facebook now. To the rest, much love. People know where to find me.

And I’m just getting started,