Why I chose “No Rug to Sweep Under.”

Last year, I was noticing some revelations about myself, and they were eye openers. Before that, I was in a victim, “why me” phase, that I’m still dealing with, but I was getting away from. Every bit of revelation turned on a light, and the follow up was good, even when there were challenges. Even before the prophetic vision I received at the Onething Conference in 2014 I wanted to do something big (it was held in Kansas City, MO).

That’s why I started this blog. I had a blog on another site, but I wanted a fresh start here. Whatever I wanted to talk about won’t be kept under the rug so no one can see. Some of us sweep matters and issues under the rug possibly to avoid repercussions, or they may lose people. Some things have been said before, and they were very important, but people didn’t think it was. Some things have to be said, like the loss of leadership in the Black home.

This is where I dream. It is also where I face reality. I’m going to get as uncomfortable as looking at my student loan bill(s). I want to go to where things are healed, and areas where people can grow. I believe being stuck is not good, and people need to move and grow. I’m one of those people. I want to accomplish things, like getting out of debt, being in a relationship; having work I enjoy doing, and having my own place. There are inward goals as well, like forgiving everyone, learning how much I’m worth to God, and finding out why He loves me so much. These things can happen, and I will pray on it and move.

And I’m just getting started.



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