I was originally going to talk about something in finances, but this came up. In December of 2014, I was delivering a food order to a bar, and I see a dude coming towards me. I was rushing to get inside, and as I was walking towards the door he asks me if I was alright. He looked familiar to me, but my mind was on delivering the order at the time. After delivering the order and walking out of the place, the dude asks me if I had a dollar. I searched my pocket and gave him about $2, and his response was “Woooow.” I get in my car and leave, and as I was driving downtown, I see him walking on the side of the street where the construction walls block the traffic.

Fast forward to the middle of January of 2015, and I walk into a restaurant to pick up an order for delivery. I see a former grade school classmate of mine, and he was waiting on an order. We talked a little, and he asks me about someone we mutually knew. It took me a while, but I got it, and I ask about him, and he hand gestured using drugs. Apparently, the person became an addict, and the classmate had to kick him out of establishes he worked at because of it. I was speechless, and I knew he was a father. This was the same dude I met on the street in December, but I didn’t recognize his voice. The last time I saw him before that was in the early 2000s on a bus with his child. I couldn’t believe he was on drugs. The thing about it is that he is so talented. He drew better than I did. He drew comic book characters like a professional.

Since then, I prayed for him. I prayed that he would be delivered from his addictions. I thought about what my classmate said as well, as he said that it could had happened to us, and he’s right. I had an addiction, but it wasn’t in drugs or anything, and it took help to get out of the addiction. And I highly suggest for people to get help from their addictions if it harms them and everyone around them. I learned that not only the things we do affects us, it affects the people around us. And there will be people who wouldn’t want any help. I wished I knew what caused the dude to use drugs, but it’s not for me to know. Some people have addictions because of something that happened to them that may be deep-rooted, and it may go back to how people don’t want help, as it may bring up something they don’t want to recall. So, for my classmate, my friend and fellow artist, I pray that he gets the help he needs and into an environment where he can grow. And the same goes to everyone else. I want to see people rise from their addictions and share their story so that their example can inspire others.


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