Where’s Quantrell?

I may come off as a hater for this. I pay attention to social atmospheres, and since I’m an introvert, I may analyze a little more than I should. As I do so, I remember some of the things that have happened to me. One afternoon, I was making conversation with a female, a simple opener. Things seemed pretty normal, and a mutual acquaintance enters the scene, and she seemed more excited to converse with him. I suspected something there, but I may never know. This has happened more than once, as a random dude will come out of nowhere as I’m talking to someone who I saw on a normal basis, and it’s like everything brightens up. And they may have the most distinctive name, like Quantrell. I think this world has a little percentage of “Quantrells,” likeable guys who are mysterious to the world except to the people that like them. We don’t know where they come from, we don’t know what they do, and they just show up not really doing much. And I know how some of them affect women when they enter the scene. It’s like life was sort of bland until Quantrell arrived and life brightened up again. I’m going to call it the Quantrell effect.

I think the world needs “Quantrells” to keep life moving. It’s not that their name is Quantrell, it could be Dave; it’s the purpose that comes along with the Quantrell effect. And I may never know about this mysterious person. They may have a past with the other person that may impart good memories. So, the Quantrells implants a happy memory. I thought of taking a camera (with a taping license and waivers) and follow a “Quantrell” to see what their life is about and find out what’s so special about them. I may call it “Where’s Quantrell?”

I remember when I played the “Quantrell” roll, and I shared this before on a post in Facebook. I was at a bar that moonlighted as a club, and I saw a former college aquaintance. We saw each other, and she seemed excited to see me. She talked to another guy, and it seemed to be typical bar talk, really normal. And I didn’t really try to do anything. I was myself.

I learned a little from the Quantrell effect. If I’m playing the “Quantrell” roll, I can be reminded not to steal the spotlight. If I’m just saying “hello,” then I’ll say “hello,” make small talk, and leave. It’s not about me. To me, it’s like Robert De Niro showing up in an up-and-coming star’s movie and stealing the spotlight for five seconds. If I’m giving a female the “Quantrella” role, I may have to change that because the person I was talking to at first may feel pushed aside, and I know about feeling pushed aside. And if I’m again in a position where a “Quantrell” comes into the scene, I would have to go along with it and see where it leads. If the person I was talking to forgets I’m there, that says something. Each person has their value and something special about them, and nepotism can make people feel like they don’t matter. I would show some love to the pastor at the church I go to more than I would Francis Chan because he’s delivering the message to me more consistently.

As I said before, I think the world needs “Quantrells.” We can learn from the moments where they show up. As for me, I should learn to show more love to those I see on a normal basis and not wait for some special person to come in and make my life brighter.

And I’m just getting started.



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