No Reasoning with an Angry Man in the Corner

My job this week was tribulating. The snow came that Sunday night and put a halt to any work days. I worked every day except one. As I was making my runs, I saw where I was going and wondered how to get to the destined places and how can people order food during this time, especially when some streets were dominated by snow. Tuesday evening was messed up and funny to me, as I saw people walk toward and away from the mall entrance because it was closed, as if the mall needed a huge lighted sign saying so. Thursday and Friday evening seemed crazy, as people crowed the stores for food.

While going through the week, my anger rose a little more. I was angry at the customers for wanting food delivered in snowy conditions. I was angry at my job, as people asked me to go to places that were troublesome to get to. I was angry I couldn’t get to some parking spots, and I got stuck a few times. My anger didn’t help at all. I found myself screaming in my car to get frustration out, and I don’t scream. When I was tasked to go out of my zone, I complained. Again, it didn’t help at all. I don’t know of anyone who was overjoyed of receiving an extra order that will delay the delivery of the first one and take them across town.

At this moment, I can’t reason with the angry man, especially when he want to be angry. He may go off in a corner, wanting to be angry in his thoughts. If approached, there is a high probability that he will snap, like an over-protective dog. There are people who are angry all of the time, and some of them are angry over the littlest situation. I can sympathize with the person who is angry that something happened to their belongings because it happened to me. I can also sympathize with a person who feels alone in a crowded room. I show less sympathy to those who seem immature in their anger, as it may cause damage to what’s around them, yet I have done the same thing.

One way I can deal with the angry man, which is me, is by praying about it. I need to talk to God at that moment. The moment I delay it, the more it builds up, and I can’t have that on my heart because I think there are physical consequences to it. Another thing I can do is find a way to let out the anger, As I said before, I can’t have it on my heart, and bottling it up is damaging. I want to take a bat and hit things, but that’s property damage, so I need to find okay things to hit. I think people can find various ways to vent out their anger, and I think it’s needed. I also learned to allow a person to cool down, especially those folks who don’t want to listen to reason. If they can’t be approached, it may be best to leave them alone.

I think anger is a tough thing to release. I’m thankful I allow Sunday to be my day off to recuperate from the wildness of the week. One thing that suppressed it was driving past a Shriners children’s hospital, and seeing children play in the snow. I thought to myself that life is too short to complain and be angry, so I need to make the best of it.

And I’m just getting started.



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