Make Black History

This may be short, but it will be concentrated. As Black history month comes to a close, I think about how much I have invested in it, which was not much. I tend to check on Black history a little throughout the year. I would rather make Black history as it goes along in America. This week, I was able to catch glimpses of a hockey game. I think it was the Flyers against the Capitals. Well, I noticed that one of the Flyers’ players was Black. His name is Wayne Simmonds, and he is a right winger for the team. He was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. He’s not the only Black hockey player I’ve seen play, but there has been no Black American players. Simmons has played pro hockey since 2007, and he was had racial trials throughout his career, like in 2011 when someone threw a banana on the ice during a shootout attempt in London, Ontario, or during the 2012-2013 lockout when fans chanted an offensive slur during a game while he was in the Czech Extraliga. He’s still playing despite those troublesome instances. I find it rare to see a Black person in his position, and I want to point it out. Maybe it could start a wave of people wanting to do things like Wayne Simmons. And he can inspire me to push through to do big things. Forget February, how about making Black history every year?



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