My Personal Standouts at Lexington”s Comic-Con

On the 15th of March, I went to a comic book convention in Lexington. Overall, it was a cool experience. I had some emotions to deal with, though, as some things didn’t fall through, but it’s a part of life. Here are some of the stand outs that I can look back on:

– I saw Eric Roberts, Julia Robert’s brother, and he was a cool dude. I told him I liked his performance in National Security. It was a fist bump moment.

– I got an autograph from a wrestler, Andrew Anderson. I talked to some people from Logan’s World TV, including Dr. Logan. They were real friendly, and kindly promoted their site and videos. I also talked to Jim Cornette, a retired wrestling manager. He was also a cool dude, and I asked him about Ring of Honor Wrestling, which has great talent but poor cameras.

-I shook hands with the original Black Power Ranger, Walter Emanuel Jones. I also spoke to a few other Power Ranger cast members.

-I met an actor named Richard Tyson, who played the antagonist in Kindergarten Cop, and he was friendly.

-I got to talk to a former artist for Marvel comics, Keith Pollard. I enjoyed our conversation, as he explained the process of making one comic, which took 2 months during his time, as it went through many processes. He was inspirational and had some good advice. He also didn’t like Power Man’s original costume.

-I got to meet Ernie Hudson who played Winston in the Ghostbusters movie franchise. He had a good personality, and since somebody already brought up his performance in The Substitute I asked about his part in the horror movie with Snoop Dogg.

-Other stand out moments were Scooter’s Bricks, Loading Crew Crafts, The Tenth World Comics, The Burg Nerds Podcast,,, minus the Nazi stuff,, The Silence Comics, and

Seeing some familiar faces was cool, like finding out one of the people I used to acquaint with in capoeira is a writer for comic books. It’s cool because he has a welcoming personality. What I took out of the experience is that there will be some welcoming moments, some not-so-welcoming moments, some hesitant moments, some missed moments, some reuniting moments, but they’re all something to learn from.

And I’m just getting started.

-One of Nightcrawler ‘s biggest fans


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