A breather and reflection, 3/22/15.

There was a guy named Gerald who I met along with his family when I was in seminary. They were pretty upbeat. They came to South Carolina to study in the seminary a few years ago, possibly around 2010. They asked me to drive them to the store at one point, and I helped them out. Before they left South Carolina, they gave me a printer, and that was generous of them. Gerald would send encouraging emails every now and then whenever there was a group email. A while later, the pastor at the time sent us an email about Gerald dying of cancer, and it was so quick. I wished I had sent him more emails, but I have the ones he sent still on the account. Last week while I was driving home, I thought about people who I came across who I felt were grateful, and he and his family came to my mind, and I said I miss him and didn’t say a word for several minutes. I want to be grateful like Gerald and his family. I don’t want to be a brat or entitled. I would like to see him again, so I share a difficult encouragement to be grateful for life, food, shelter, work, transportation, family, friends, experiences, and anything that helps us grow. Life has its ugly moments, but I’ll take whatever lesson(s) I can learn from it (them).


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