Brandon’s Poetry Corner, 3/25/15.

I’m hearing a word again by someone who doesn’t share my skin.

And (even) if we share the same skin, I don’t want to hear that word again.

Chanting it in confidence, possibly passed down.

The apologies from the lawyers are probably passed down.

Coming out of their mouths with ease caught on camera.

Dates may even betray them if the pay is glamorous.

Kicked out and evicted, but the discrimination’s old news.

If asked for refunds, the evictors may say, “We don’t O.U. owe you”

The leaders may be blacklisted, which may make them uncomfortable.

Bright futures made dark, under the table workable.

With love, being called monkeys can be benched.

We have history in our DNA of us rising against.

I will repent for not being on this matter, and I will pray.

In regards to being ——, I have nothing to ΣΑΕ say.

And I’m just getting started.


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