A Single Introverted Man’s Journey, 3/29/15.

Sunday, I went to Newport, KY to meet someone and go to the aquarium and afterwards go eat. I enjoyed seeing them, and I think we had good conversations, but I will admit that I was nervous before meeting her, and the feeling in my stomach after I left my friends’ house. I’m still feeling it, and I don’t think I ate anything strange, and on Saturday I had something from Good Foods and Chic-Fil-A for dinner.

I wasn’t really nervous on my first date, so I find this strange. And I was thinking all sorts of things, and some of it was like, “I hope I don’t get killed on my way there.” I also had some negative thoughts going on, but I had to work through that mess. I was giving everything to God, and reminding myself that it was not all about me. And my selfish mindset needed to be checked. The whole experience needed to be reviewed on ESPN.

My journey as a single man has had its bumps, like everyone else. If things don’t work out, I could get shaken up. I also can think it’s the end of the world. Really, I don’t want to start the process all over again. Now while I’m single, I can continue to learn about myself and as a Christian I can find out why God loves me so much. If I focus on that, the journey won’t have that much turbulence, and if it does, I will have love, joy, peace, and other good things.

And I’m just getting started.



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