A Surprise in the Garden

Last year, I wanted to plant things in our backyard as I successfully did the year before. I tried spinach earlier, but it was unsuccessful, a failed attempt. I then went for carrots, since I pick baby carrots over snacks like potato chips or Big Macs In the summer, I noticed the rosettes sprouting up, but as I dug into the ground I didn’t see the carrot(s). I felt disappointed that they didn’t come through, but I was glad to see the bright green tops of the carrot plants. I would check on them every now and then until the fall while the leaves covered our yard, and in the winter I would assume they would die out.

In March of this year, my mother told me to go outside in the backyard. I go out there, and she shows me the little place we grow the plants. She shows me the bits of carrots that were in the ground. Some of them had holes in them, as I highly assume that animals and bugs have got into the garden. I was surprised to see that the carrots survived, especially after the 2 winter encounters we had. Some are still in the ground, but I don’t know their condition as I have to check if they were tampered with. I was happy to see what has happened.

There are times where I felt disappointed because things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, like planting something in the garden. I would check on it a few times, and even walk away from some things, but I saw that something was coming out of the situation. If I would pay attention to what’s going on, I can get something out of anything, even if they’re carrots with bites in them in the garden.

I would love to apply this to everything else. I have situations where I want a better turnout than what I’m hypothesizing. What I need to do is pray about it, listen to God, and catch His guidance. Another thing I can do is allow the situations to run their courses before coming to conclusions. I won’t be passive about it, I would just let things process, and maybe I can learn from allowing things to process.

I like carrots. I may do something like J Dilla did and make a beat collection called Carrots. After seeing what came out of the ground, I have a little hope in what I can do. It’s going to take a lot of healing and a lot of work to grow and realize the potential I have. It’s scary, but it’s better than doing nothing.

And I’m just getting started.



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