Brandon’s Poetry Corner, 4/14/15.

Adultery Killed My Parents

Why do people become unfaithful?

I would think having love would make them grateful.

I’m mad because adultery killed my parents.

Some folks separate, but fake the appearance.

Some are afraid to commit, so they shack up

And may have someone on the side as back up.

Adultery killed my parents, but they’re still alive.

To a family, it’s like to the concrete a nosedive.

One parent may have felt they weren’t being satisfied.

The other may be working hard, not being gratified.

I’m out of wedlock, so I understand little

Of how couple don’t marry and leave it a riddle.

And the parents before them may have done the same.

It will continue until we put out the flame.

Adultery killed my parents. This is true.

I can’t have my cake and eat it, too.

Even me, because I could have fathered a child

All because I wanted sex, but wasn’t as wild.

There’s a good amount of people who want to play house.

When marriage is brought up, they’re quiet as a mouse.

They may not want the role or even the title.

It the relationship gets ill, they may go idle.

We all can repent before it gets dangerous.

Adultery not only killed my parents. It’s killing us.

A spouse’s betrayal can leave the other spouse in pain.

If there are children, one parent may remain.

I’m out of wedlock, but I understand little

Of how one parent would leave, leaving a riddle.

What will we sacrifice to make love work?

Because fooling around will continue the hurt.

I’ll continue to say what adultery did.

If it raises awareness, I’ve done my bid.

And I’m just getting started.



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