A Single Introverted Man’s Journey, 4/26/15.

It’s been a while since I posted on here, and I want to bring something to the table weekly. A few weeks ago, I went out to dinner with someone. This was my first time meeting this person, and possibly my last time meeting them. It’s not like I had a bad time, in fact it was pretty cool, but the person doesn’t want to follow up. I asked if we could be friends, and she agreed, but I think I won’t be hearing from her any time soon. Despite the denial for a follow up, she did give me a compliment. She stated that I was the perfect gentleman. When she said that, I was thinking, “Yes!” I may not be what she’s looking for, but my treatment to her was appropriate. I wasn’t trying to do anything perverted, I wasn’t making ugly comments, and I wanted to be as respectful as possible. Maybe some people want the opposite in a person to where they fall in love with them. If so, some of us are in trouble.

It’s good to know that there are still gentlemen out in the world, and I want to be included in that population. I wasn’t really trying to be a gentleman. I think it was a reflection of Jesus, because I couldn’t have treated her right on my own. I’m glad I was talking with Jesus before going to have dinner.

Another thing I was thinking about is the men who I’m surrounded by who may have influenced me. In a men’s Bible study at church, most of the time I’m the youngest dude there, and a good number of them are in grandfather status. They have their stories, and I take in what I can remember when there is a discussion. There are also people from my past who left their mark in my life, as I saw how they took on leadership in ministry, their marriage, and in fatherhood. As a male from a single-parent home, I need to soak all of that in.

I hope people aren’t looking for immorality in a relationship. My mother made a statement that there are nice people (women) who have guys who treat them bad, and I agreed with her. And I think I added that there are guys who would treat women right, yet they are not sought after. I pray that those men of integrity are not sought after as a last resort in relationships. What does that say about us? What if I was like, “I’m going to finally date this woman who is intelligent and enjoys my company after being with women who treated me like trash.” I must have more integrity than that.

In my journey as an introverted man, I hope to be given more integrity. I hope there are more lessons in love, responsibility, respect, and other things that will help me step my game up. It’s not only about being in a relationship. It’s about being a good example, being an honest representative that follows the Lord and shares it through different means.

And I’m just getting started.




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