On June 14th of 2014, I got into a wreck. It was a minor one and my fault the accident happened. I did the responsible thing and gave my information and my insurance to the police. The following week, I was going to go to the insurance company and give them the police information.

As the post-procedure of the wreck went on, I was thinking about the delay of completing my job, the automobile damage, and my mother’s insurance since I’m under it, but I wasn’t thinking about my health. I didn’t check to see if I was okay. Did I care enough to see if I was fine? No. That leads me to ask if I love myself: no. I cared more about things than my wellbeing. I like the things I have, but if I would have died in the wreck, what would have more value? What did me value more, doing a good job and making sure my car runs or every bit of my health (Side note: I question the use of “me” in the beginning of this sentence. Should I have used “I”)?

I thanked God for placing me in the wreck. I say the larger wreck was the one in my soul and spirit. So, I pray that I love myself a lot, more than I have been. I can trace back to how the whole thing started, but I am focusing on making sure the love for me makes my love for things look like a speck of dust.

And I’m just getting started.




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