Worried Over Things? That Shouldn’t Be

Last week, I had to take my car into the shop because there were some problems inside of the car that I take responsibility for. A while back, I was changing some lights, and decided to put some antifreeze in the car. What I forgot to do it put the cap back on, and over time it messed up my car big time. When I told the guy at the shop what happened, his reaction was huge. I would have had a breakdown because of all of the worry. The week after, I ended up paying a lot of money to fix the problem, money, I was going to use to pay off some debt. As of now, my financial plans are put on hold.

As I was without my car, I felt like a piece of me was gone, since I used the car to make deliveries, and it created some problems back at the office. I felt devastated that I was without my car and I was going to pay a lot of money. I was in my room last Saturday afternoon, and I was reflecting and talking to the Lord, feeling a bit empty, and there was a voice saying, “Look at me (Me).” I look at the Bible, and at the time I was reminded of Who I really need. I needed to be reminded of that because I may have been focused on something that can be taken away in a second.

I, along with others, are concerned about losing some things. I can understand where some people are coming from, although we can go too far. I remember reading something online where someone took their life because a video game or a computer was taken away from them. And I remember hearing a story from a friend about a student who didn’t do well in school because they were mostly occupied with what they were doing with their computer. Along with video games and computers, things like that can take over our lives and affect us emotionally, socially, and spiritually (among other areas).

One night, I was at a meeting, and I was hearing what people around me had lost. Some have lost jobs, some family, like children and wives. Now, here I am, worried about a car and employment, and the people have lost more than that. My priorities needs adjustment. I thanked the Lord for giving me some lessons to learn. I needed to be reminded that the things of the earth will be destroyed, but for me the Lord stays. Family is worth more than things and money. What I share with people is worth more than money and things. I would like to have money to pay things off, but I know I can’t have it after I pass away. I pray to be a good steward with it, manage it well, and use it how I’m supposed to use it. And when dealing with things, I’m learning to treat them with a more humble manner. If something of mine breaks, I should treat it like, “oh well.” If a glass of mine breaks, I can go get one just like it or similar to I will have to be educated on losing things that are bigger than a glass.

As I’m typing this, I’m still thinking of all that happened, but I feel better. I appreciate what I have, and I really appreciate the people who has helped me. I believe there is no way a person can do things on their own. No matter how big the situation is, we can receive help. Now, I need to look at Matthew 6: 25-34 to get more of the worry out of my system.

And I’m just getting started.




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