People Wear Me Out?

Last Sunday, my brother and I went to a WWE live event at Rupp Arena. It was a pretty good show. I couldn’t find any botches, and I was looking, too. The kids would run up to the guardrail to try to meet the wrestlers after the match. The kid who sat next to me tried to get a closer look by moving in front of me and my space, and his mother would tell him to get back. It was okay at first, but his excitement didn’t remember what his mother said. Afterwards, my brother tried to get a title as a souvenir, but they didn’t have it.

One thing I was reminded of when I was at the event was that being around a bunch of people wears me out. It has nothing to do with the people. I’m an introvert, so I tend to keep to myself. When I get around an area and there’s a lot of people and activities, my energy quickly drains, and I’m looking for a place to recharge. Now when I’m by myself or I return home, my energy is back, and I do more things on my own than I would with people. As a delivery driver, I would deliver food to some usual customers and some new people, so the interaction is a good look as I can use it to develop communication skills as an introvert.

Last December, I went to a conference with a group to Kansas City. I believe the first night we were there, the welcome and speaker went on that evening, and while the group went to listen, I went to the hotel room to chill and get ready for tomorrow. My arrangement was consistent throughout the conference. I would hear the speaker, and afterwards I needed to go somewhere to recharge, and sometimes it was at a table with me looking around.

That’s why I like walking around at the park. I get to move along the sidewalks or the ground and be quiet. I’m not doing much, and I could get some reflection in while walking or sitting. The main thing that bothers me is when a bug flies by my ears.

I say again that people have nothing to do with my energy getting low and it’s about being in a large crowd. There have been people in my life who have been a challenge to deal with, and it took some energy to deal with them. Some of them would test my limits, push buttons, and it was real annoying and improper at times. They may have wanted to see if I had a heartbeat. I will need to forgive them, and if those things come up later on I would have to ask them to stop what they are doing in an assertive, humble, and polite manner, unless they refuse and then I will have to give it to the Lord and out of that situation.

Interacting with people has its challenges as an introvert. I am learning I’m not finished, as I don’t meet the usual people everyday. Plus, if I’m around the same people, or people who are just like me, my life would be boring. I need to be interactive, but I also need to know my limits and know when to go and regroup.

And I’m just getting started.




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