What’s Done is Done

There have been and there are people who I don’t like. My reasons for not liking them can be childish, or I would think I am in the right to feel that way, or they could have done something that I didn’t like. How I handle it may determine how mature I am. I think I have shared this before somewhere else, but it’s worth repeating.

There was a person who I was cool with a few years ago. He had a calm personality, ready to say hello to me and have a talk. A few years along the line, I bump into him on a campus along with his friend one day. His friend was talking to me, and my friend says something in another language, his native language, and really didn’t say anything to me. This happened again. Later on in life as I was walking somewhere, he sees me from a distance and he says hello, and I throw up a peace sign. I don’t say anything, and I didn’t for a while. One evening, he and his friend, who became my friend (he was also calm and polite), crossed paths on the stairs. The friend and I say hello, but as I was going to the top of the stairs I was stopped by my friend to say hello, and I responded. I wasn’t trying to hear anything since he began speaking another language instead of speaking to me, as I thought. We would officially have our last conversation after a meeting. Later on, we lose communication.

I feel I lost a friend over bull-crap… even worse… diarrhea from a skunk… or worse than that… diarrhea from Hitler (I may use this later). I would think it’s over a side that he chose, as there was some new developments going on, and my involvement in what was going on was void. I think those developments got in the way of the friendship, and because of that I didn’t want to be cool with him, or anyone else in that matter. I hope that’s not the case. What’s done is done, right?

I didn’t forgive him. I should have forgiven him a while back, but I was childish, then. I should have talked with him to see what was happening in our lives and get an understanding before losing a friendship altogether. Now, I will forgive him, and one day I’ll say this to him, and apologize because I didn’t like him for how things went down.

I say this in hopes that people learn about forgiveness. People will experience things like misunderstandings and betrayal and other things where friendships are lost along the way. It could leave a person bitter, cynical, and unable to trust if they allow it to happen. I think… I believe forgiveness is important, not just for the receiver(s) of forgiveness, but for the forgiver. They will lose the bitterness, the cynicism, and the untrustworthiness if they are willing. I recommend praying (some will disagree). I highly don’t recommend harboring bitterness in or the hardening of the heart because I believe there are physical side effects. And I hope people like me are able to heal, mature, love, gain wisdom, and have respect for their selves so that they can treat people the way they treat themselves and maturely handle situations with others that are upsetting.



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