A Single Introverted Man’s Journey, 7/5/15.

After posting an entry a few weeks ago, I felt empty. There was a lot going on in the previous weeks, personal and in general. I haven’t shared my journey as a single person in a while, and it may have been for good reason. I haven’t went out with someone in a while, and it may be good to do so. From this point on, I may be rambling.

In my journey, there have been women who has talked with me. Some of them have children, and I’m uncertain if I could date someone with a child or more. What I did a while back is ask one of them to share about being a single mother in the workplace as well as their dating life. If it’s too personal, then I’ll lay that question aside.

I thought about some things that trouble me in my single life as well. It frustrates me when we make up a few things about our life, whether love is the subject or something else. We are entitled to our privacy, though. But why would I make up my relationship life? It’s not like I have a book telling about it. And who would I be making it up to? It’s more frustrating when other people are involved in lying about it. I had that happen to me, and it was not pleasant.

I know people have seen or heard about the show Catfish, which was based on a documentary. On the show, people wanted to know if who they are speaking to is the actual person. Some of us are like that with people we physically see. I wouldn’t want to “catfish” someone by portraying something I’m not. Some may have got their girlfriend/ boyfriend doing that. When the lying stops, what do we have? What are we left with? Do we think who we truly are/ what we really have/ what we actually do isn’t good enough? We may need to evaluate ourselves to see if we love who we really are.

On the bright side of things, I went to a church I used to go to in college. I saw a few familiar faces, and it was cool. One of them had recently gotten married, and I was happy for them. I just met his wife, and she seems pretty cool. I was talking to another person, and I say somebody must have prayed for him to be married, and why not? There are people out there who seem to be ready for marriage, and what better boost than prayer? They better hold it down, or I’ll key their car(s). I’m kidding about that, because there are sensitive people who read these things.



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