Brandon’s Writing Corner, 7/10/15.

Just Because I’m Black

To all those that still don’t understand,

Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I like to dance. I could dance and excel in my dancing and the rhythm I there, but I don’t want to dance. I don’t rush to the dance floor when my song is on. Please don’t look for me to be the life of the party or get the party started. It already started based on the schedule and the DJ.

Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I’m into Rap music. I have studied and participated in the Hip-Hop culture a little, but the music is not on my radio station. I listen to and participated in genres that is unexpected, and music people may avoid. I’m not bound to a particular type of music unless I choose to be. And it also doesn’t mean I sing in a particular style, either. I grew up singing choir stuff and classical, so don’t expect me to bust out gospel or a Negro spiritual. My singing inside of my car mixtape is coming out one time only in my car to a one-person listening party without any recordings.

Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I’m good at sports. My free throw game needs work, I’m not sure of catching the long pass, and I wasn’t picked in the top spots in kickball. I was always jealous of people who were confident in their shots. I don’t do the usual sports, but I would like to do something so that I’m active, whether I’m good at it or not.

Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I’m tied down to certain types of food. I like fried chicken, watermelon, and Kool-Aid every now and then, but it doesn’t primarily stay in my diet. I barely eat watermelon. If it were carrots, I’ll try to steal them from a banquet. This country has cuisines from other cultures and countries, and it’s foolish to section a people group off in something so stereotypical.

Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I dress a certain way that is expected. I never desired to wear my pants below my butt. I wear what I wear according to need, quality, availability, comfort, and taste. I don’t think I want to wear something that people kill for. I’ll stick with what I have, although I wish I could wear some Adidas shell toes, but I can’t because of my feet. And I’m also not up on the latest slang, y’kno wha’ I’m sayin’? I hear it and I know slang changes faster than a model at a fashion show. I’ll stick with what I know, and I’ll try to use it in the best manner.

Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I act what is expected. I can be influenced by my surroundings, but it doesn’t mean I act like the Black dude next to me, the Black friend at work, or the Black people on television. We should be past that. And don’t expect me to use the word(s) n***a or n****r. I came from a household where we didn’t call each other by those words, though influences from the outside can be powerful. The only time I heard those words was when my mother was referring to other people based on their actions and attitudes, and I heard it a few times, and it wasn’t in a good light. People of my ethnicity use it/ them to my discomfort, and other ethnicities uses it/ them to describe people of my ethnicity, and it is garbage. I’m not uppity, but I choose to think I’m beyond what some in this nation want to call me.

Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I’m in a slave mentality, I want to have a slave mentality, or a slave. I admit, I’m a slave to the lender until I’m free of debt, and I’d rather be a slave of Christ. The tragedy in the history of my ancestors may give off the impression that I’m inferior, but the strength and perseverance of my ancestors is an encouragement. With that being said, I am to treat myself, and others of, better quality and I pray that others will, too, because it’s a continuous struggle for me and others. In a battle against inequality, discrimination, and fear amongst other things, people like me must fight, and I choose to fight in prayer. I choose to fight against discouragement, and I choose to fight with encouragement and love. All jokes aside, let’s talk.



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