On My Mind 7/19/15.

This summer has been a challenging one for the United States of America. The deaths of unarmed citizens by the police and others have worried other citizens, especially African-Americans. Some of the aftermaths of these deaths have been violent ones. Some of the previous generations said that these things have been happening for years. I think the hate and fear that people were educated with since they were young has resulted in what we are facing. I think the nonviolent protests are cool, but I wish I knew how to cure ethno-phobia. A lot of people are hurting because of this ethno-phobia. Some want a world with only one ethnicity, but I wonder if they would be happy if there was only one ethnicity while people are still being hurt and murdered. Wrong is wrong, no matter the skin color.

Another challenge in this country has been sexual identity. There have been people who have fought for marital rights for a long time, and things have passed through. The churches in America are concerned about this. Some ministers and pastors have already taken a stand whether certain marriages are conducted or not. What’s important for the churches is to continue to study the word of God when it comes to topics like this. I believe marriage in America has been treated like a joke. It has been told that about half of America’s marriages end in divorce. I think a good amount of attention needs to go into the relationship that leads into marriage, the financial side of marriage, how to keep the communication alive, and helping the marriage after the children leave the house. People need to see what a good marriage is like.

With all these challenges losing a little fire yet still having our country in discussion, I would wonder if there would be a follow up. Would America take a better notice at the treatment of the minorities? Will people turn a blind eye to marriage since some have been offended by what’s been ruled in the government? Will America resemble the Roman Empire in a couple of years? I don’t know. Some of the things that America is experiencing have been done already. It seems like there are things in history that America doesn’t want to acknowledge, but it’s a part of its history. It’s like an old friend showing up at a reception and telling some embarrassing story about the guest of honor except the story is darker. I don’t know what will happen later on, but I hope it doesn’t bring more hurtful tragedies. Meanwhile, how about making a new “South” flag that the entire South can wave?

And I’m keeping on.




One thought on “On My Mind 7/19/15.

  1. The reason why there are so many problems with marriage is because it has been redefined multiple times in history. The reality is that how we think of marriage today was not even the way it was in the Bible. The Jewish people had their own concept of marriage very different from “modern” marriage. People didn’t marry for love -marriage was more of a business contract. They were basically told to just be fruitful and multiply. Why do you think so many countries still have arranged marriages? Marrying for love is a whole new concept that didn’t even exist until like 100 years ago.


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