Something Small, 7/26/15.

Last week, I killed a snake. Several years ago, my mother killed a snake around our front porch, and one of our relatives looked to me to kill it, though I was stunned. Years after that, my brother killed a snake. I guess it was my turn.  On that particular day, I had time to check on something at the back of the house. As I was walking by the porch, I saw something moving. When I looked down, I see a snake. It was a little gardener snake. I said, “Oh shoot!” I was thinking within seconds that the snake shouldn’t be around the house, and I begin to step on it. I was trying to make sure I had the right space to step on it. What surprised me is that the snake didn’t swiftly move away when I saw it. I kept stepping/ stomping on it to make sure it was immobile or slow to move enough to get something to discard it. The animal cops would have arrested me for what I did. I went in the house to get a broom, dustpan, and a bag. I told my mother what I did, and she said I had to cut the head off in order to kill it, and I was listening a little. I went back outside, and the snake moved from the spot I last saw it. My mother repeats the same statement, and I ask her to get me something to chop the head off, which was a shovel. I drove the shovel down enough, sweep up the body into the bag, and place it in the dumpster.

When I was stepping on the snake, I had a few main thoughts. The first one was to be a man. I don’t know how getting rid of a snake connects to being a man, but I had the mindset to be a man and take care of the matter. I don’t want a false sense of what it takes to be a man since some of us don’t have a good example, but I want to learn what it takes to be a man. The second thought I had was what the Bible said about stepping the snake on its head (Genesis 3). The third thought I had was… it’s hard to remember… was not allowing unwanted things around the house. The snake was small, but I didn’t want it around where I lived (and there are new animals like groundhogs and/ or gophers I I want removed). I could have left it alone and possibly have it around to remove other small animals, but discarding of unwanted things overlapped it.

I learned a few things from this. The main thing was finding out what “snakes” I need to unremorsefully step on. I would figure there are a lot, but unlike what I did to the actual snake, I will step on the “snakes” without thinking twice and feeling bad. Other things I’ve learned were how to properly treat situations and knowing what to bring around me. I know I don’t want anything around me that will cause harm. I hope others will consider that as well.

And I keep going.




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