Something Small, 8/2/15.

  • I took some time off of work to get my car checked out. One day, I took the bus, and while I was on the bus analyzing the people, I realized I thought I was better than some people, and that was messed up. I measured how good I was based on what I had and who I was around, knowing well I will take the bus to and from work if I had that type of job, and I could learn more from the folks I would see at a bus station. Everything I have can be gone. Maybe what I have inside and what I’ve attained is able to help me grow.
  • I, like other people who check the media, saw the news about Hulk Hogan and his release from the WWE for his comments about Black people during a sex tape, which was revealed I believe in 2012. Now, Hogan was a huge icon back in the 1980s, and it continued for years. He went downhill a few years ago because of the divorce. What is weird is that it took about 3 years for folks to catch what was said. Another thing I don’t understand is that people still don’t get it: ethno-phobia is a bad phobia. I wonder if people are seeing what it does to the celebrities and public figures that have it. There is a YouTube video of an ex-racist, and he shares what he believes why some White people fear Black people (retribution/ vengeance), and he seemed to make strong claims, and it was something I said to a friend a while ago. Some of us haven’t moved forward because we aren’t ready to talk about that part of American history. We need to open up, me included.
  • I checked out an article a while ago that talked about minimum wage ( What shocked me were the jobs that were considered minimum wage. It was a bit discouraging, but I believe there are people that have those types of jobs who manage their money well and are able to contribute in the household. I hope that employment improves s that people with families are able to provide. I also hope that people are well educated and full of wisdom so that they can use what they have to bless others.
  • NRTSU2

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