I’m Not Learning Anything From TLC.

There’s a channel on cable called The Learning Channel, or TLC. It was launched in 1972, and I learned about it in the 1990s. There were a few shows on there that I found watchable. There were also a few shows that I wished didn’t air. Some of the people’s lives seemed like they didn’t turn out for the better in the middle of, around the end, or after their shows were on the air.

There was a show about a couple who had twins and later sextuplets. It was a big show. In 2009, it was announced that the couple were separating, and they divorced later on that year. A while before the separation, I remember seeing a magazine with them on the cover looking happy, so I would guess the article would have been about their marriage, family, and success. I thought the crash in the relationship was big, seeing that folks were trying to find out why it happened. I think it also strained the children, as TLC was carrying on with the show, minus the father.

There was another show about a little girl and her family. This show was possibly a spinoff from a show the little girl was in that showcased little girl beauty pageants. The show followed her family in their life and various activities. There were times where there were captions on the bottom to follow what some of them were saying. The show cancelled after it was revealed that the mother was in a relationship with an alleged sex offender.

There is another show about a huge family, more than 10 children. I think the show’s producers had a lot to handle with this huge family. Another popular show, there was the hype of one of the daughters in courting mode, which led to marriage. The life of the show took a turn when one of their children was revealed to have molested some young females in the past. It was also revealed that he was on a website for married individuals to meet other people. It was announced that this show has been cancelled.

There were high hopes on these shows and show like them. People like to hear and talk about what goes on with these people. The popularity of the first two shows I mentioned has went down, while there are talks about the last show I mentioned, especially with the molestation and the infidelity website lingering. These things are brought to the public, and the public may be quick to have an opinion. I think whenever someone on a reality show does something wrong, whether on or off camera,  the media and public eat it up like Lays potato chips. It seems to bring energy to folks. Would it be something to talk about the issues of infidelity, molestation, and other issues in a proper manner? TLC would live up to its channel, then.

I don’t know much about what’s going on, anymore. I barely watch TV now because of work. That may be a good thing. What I can take from it all is to analyze what I’m watching, have a thought process of what is watched, and note what links to my values. I can’t rely on people on television to be up-standing figures, as shows can just pick out the good parts. I can look at it as just entertainment, and some of it isn’t really entertaining at all. And TLC can take not of what people are learning from their channel.

And I’m just getting started.



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