My Message About Hygiene.

Men (and some women), we must make sure our hygiene is top notch. Whatever we are doing, we must make sure we are hygienically right before we exit our place of residence. Not only that, I think we must have lavatory manners because some of the things that we do are gross. We’re adults, and we need to be mature about how we carry ourselves.

  • Men, our underarms need to smell proper and/ or kept from giving off an improper odor. I know I don’t want to walk out of my place with my underarms smelling like onions and indecency. As far as deodorants, I personally don’t choose Speed Stick because it doesn’t last long with my body chemistry. I choose the deodorant(s) that will last a long time. I’m mad at Ban (I hope it’s unisex) because it discontinued its powder fresh solid stick. There are folks out there who don’t want a fragrance under their arms for certain reasons, but there are some unscented deodorants, one being made by Arm & Hammer I think. Also, people have made their own deodorant, so others can be inspired to make one according to their own taste. I remember forgetting to put on deodorant in high school one day, and after school the gospel choir had to do something special. My underarm odor filled the stage and it garnered complaints. Only a few people knew it was me, and an older student blessed me with some deodorant, so much blessings and respect to that dude. So, whenever I walk pass a person, I don’t want them to smell an insult.
  • Keeping our body clean is important. I hear of people taking two or more baths/ shower(s) a day. I remember going on camping trips with a youth group from a church (side note: I miss y’all), and it was a campsite where there were no places to bathe. I felt like I was toughing it out a little because I didn’t want funk to come from my body during those weekends. When we got back from camping, I was happy to take a shower and happy that no bad aroma came from my body. Now, I suggest bathing or showering to get the dirt and/ or odor off, especially after exercising, playing a sport, or doing some type of labor that involved getting dirt on the body.
  • I didn’t know how important it was, but we have to use sunscreen. People are concerned with what the sun brings on their skin, and that’s where the sunscreen comes in. What concerns me is how folks don’t put it on their face, and if they wore sunglasses and took them off there would be a difference on the face from where the sun shone.
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is when males (people) don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. It started to bother me around the mid 2000s. I would wash my hands, and if someone didn’t and opened the restroom door, I wouldn’t want to touch the handle out of disgust. That’s why I like restroom doors that push out when exiting or the restrooms with no doors yet people can’t see inside of it. I think it’s very important to wash our hands after we use the restroom because I don’t think it’s sanitary to have whatever came out of our bodies lingering on our hands, especially if we had a bowel movement. Would anyone of us shake the hand of a person who we know didn’t wash their hands? There’s a weird feeling that I get when thinking about the subject, and for sanitary reasons I think it’s best to wash hands.
  • Males of all ages, when it comes to urinating, we all need to learn how to aim. I find it disgusting when I go to the toilet and find urine remains on the rim because a person(s) didn’t care to aim. There have been older guys who don’t have the decency to clean up where their urine had spilled. And I don’t think women appreciate that mess, especially if it’s done in their home. So, I think all of us as males need to learn to aim and to clean up our mess when we miss the target.
  • We must have healthy teeth. I believe what is said about acid erosion and the loss of tooth enamel. I had a time when my teeth were in pain, and I couldn’t figure out how. After that, I started using Pronamel and occasionally wearing a bite guard at night. We must have healthy teeth because we’re going to need them after 40. Whatever we’re doing now that’s causing our teeth damage we need change for the better. I strongly suggest finding a good toothbrush and dentist recommended toothpaste.
  • Also, we as males need to flush whatever comes out of our bodies. I think it’s disgusting and lazy for us not to do so, and I don’t even check my stool for blood and I flush right away. There have been folks who didn’t flush because they thought it would be funny, I think. And if people have bowel problems and use the public restrooms which may cause the toilet to stop up, I think it’s best to take care of that problem right away because other people need to use those restrooms. We don’t have our mothers to tell us to flush the toilets, clean our messes, or wash ourselves.
  • Other things that we need to do are clean our ears. That’s really important, especially if we occasionally use headphones. Our feet are to be treated with care, so I think it’s best to use whatever is best to keep them dry and feeling light. I have yet to find that level, but I currently wear New Balance shoes for my feet. Our nails need to be taken care of as well. Not only they need to be at a respectful length, they should be healthy and the dirt removed from under them.

What I’m saying isn’t meant to hurt people. I want people to be aware of their body and what they can produce. I’m not saying to go bathe in cologne or drink Listerine or clean the restroom with Lysol after we leave the restroom. I say to be aware of our hygiene and show kindness to others with our hygiene. We don’t need our mothers to tell us to do those things, and as I said before, I don’t want to walk pass a person smelling like an insult. And men, if we do take care of ourselves in the hygiene department, the compliments will come through. That’s a bonus. I don’t think we ought to live like the expiration date has passed. Let’s keep it fresh.

And I’m just getting started.




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