When Our Machines Don’t Work (The Way We Want Them To).

I wanted to start something new and post it on Wednesday, but I needed to say something now. We as a nation have been hit with a lot. Recently, my alma mater was given a threat that shut the campus down. I don’t know if people are joking or if it’s serious, but acts like that are upsetting.

It had me thinking about how I flipped out in the past. A few years ago, I acted immaturely because something didn’t go my way, and looking back it was small. The way I handled it was unprofessional, even if I didn’t throw a public tantrum or use words above the PG rating. I wanted things to go my way, uninterrupted and unchanged. I wanted the machine to work the way I designed it to work. It didn’t though, and instead of adapting I chose the insane route. I need to catch myself on it now, as my job assignment can be altered within a phone call.

I think some of us have machines that produce plastic instead of paper, and we throw a fit. We want our “machines” to work a certain way, and if it doesn’t everything is ruined. Maybe it was meant for our machines to produce plastic, and maybe we didn’t check to see what our machines produced. I did not check to see if things were supposed to go my way. And if everything did go my way all of the time, most likely my life and others’ would be up for mental evaluation because of the damage. My values and modes of operation continues to grow and change, and not having them challenged would be crazy. And there are the people around me that may have values different than mine, and there may be a disagreement. I thin it shows our maturity when we are able to share our differences in principles in a non-threatening way. We really need to mentally mature, as some of us may be stuck in an adolescent mind with a grown body.

Since I was talking about machines, I know what machines I need maintenance on, like the conversational/ relational one, the financial one, and the proactive one. My prayer now is to realize that although things won’t go my way all of the time, something bigger is happening and I must progress through it. If I’m stuck on everything going the way I planned it, most likely my life would be stuck. I don’t want that for others. I want people to be able to adapt and not throw tantrums when things don’t go as planned. If we can do that, we will be much better off, stress free, anxiety free, and more optimistic. Our “machines” will always be a work in progress.

And I’m just getting started.




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