Gone Fishing.

I few weekends ago, basically last month, I went on a men’s retreat. On a Saturday, I went fishing with some people because one of the men asked if I have before and I did, but I didn’t catch anything. He asserted that I would. Now, while we were on the boat, he explained how to cast and other things, and I caught a fish. Later, another person taught me how to tie the hook to the line (I need to practice that, too). There were a lot of fish caught, too.

This isn’t about how to catch fish. It’s more about teaching. I had a guy teach me how to do something, and because of how he taught I was successful. There should be a lot to say when we have people like that, who can teach us how to do something and successfully follow through.

How many teachers have had students listen to what they were teaching and applied most of what they were teaching? How many students listened to what was being taught and as they were applying what was taught a light bulb came on? And it doesn’t have to be a light bulb. It could be an alarm clock, or sprinklers, or a safe unlocking after getting the combination right.

When I was in school, there were some classes that were confusing when I came in and confusing when I came out, even more confused with a few of them. I swear, I had a class for English that sounds simple, but it was taught by a difficult professor with a difficult textbook. I still have the textbook, because when I got the tests back I did better than what I thought. Other classes had books that made my brain want to meet me outside. If we all tried to take more time understanding what the books were telling us, maybe we would get something out of it.

A lot of us need a few “A-Ha” moments or eureka effects. People with the right heart to help will lead more people to those “A-Ha” moments. That’s how I felt when a friend and a relative showed me how to ride a bicycle… at 12 years old. When I first got it as a child, I jumped on peddled for a while, fell down, and quit because I didn’t want the embarrassment or to get hurt. I tried it again, and the same thing happened. Finally some people helped me with the procedure, and after that I was blessed to know how to ride, even if I fell a few times after that. Unless it comes natural to a person, doing something without some instructions is hard. Some folks walk around beat down because of how overwhelming life is, but if there were folks to help them make things clear life would be much simpler. Life is hard as it is, so why should we make it harder? As a Christian, I learned that God places His people in trials to test us. Now, He’s God… Why are we making trials?

Before I could get a seat and eat at the retreat, people would tell me they heard about me catching fish. I kept it cool, but I was honored they said something about it. This was a coming-of-age moment. It was my right to passage, or one of them. Somebody taught me how to fish, and now I can never worry about going hungry. I was blessed to have someone teach me how to fish. I was more blessed to have people with the heart of a teacher (yes, I copied Dave Ramsey) teach me something to where I can understand and follow through. If they can do it, maybe I can. Again I say we need more people like that.

And I’m just getting started.




One thought on “Gone Fishing.

  1. This was a nice post. It sounds like you had a great moment because having good teachers will do that for you. I hope you meet more great teachers and pass on your knowledge to someone else in a few years.


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