Zombie O Zombie

For a while, there has been a phenomenon in the United States and entertainment. For a long time, people have on a zombie ride. There is a list of movies, a cool show on cable, several books, and a bunch of video games that has came out, and they seem fun. Some people wondered if zombies would actually roam around this planet, whether their wondering was for real or for play. I believe zombies have existed long before people have wondered. It’s just not depicted how entertainment depicts it.

I won’t talk about how the late Fela Kuti depicted zombies, though it should be mentioned since he was referring to the military in an African country. I want to speak about the zombies that roam around because of addiction, whether it’s alcohol, prescription misuse, or narcotics. Because of those things, people can walk around dragging their feet and may stumble or move with rage. They gaze into nowhere as if there was nothing to see. Their words are slurred and incoherent.

They can attack people while they’re like this, as it has been reported. These zombies may not appear in the daytime as often, but they can come out at night or roam in the shadows. People hide their process of becoming a zombie because they fear the consequences from the authorities. People dispose of them out into the streets so that they won’t disturb the peace, and some establishments contain the things that turn people into zombies. Some may think being and/ or being a zombie is fun, but there are things that come with it the people don’t know, and what they don’t know will hurt them.

I don’t know why people want to become zombies. It could be that they want to escape. It could be that they want to have fun. It could be that they want to feel numb. Some were forced into becoming zombies as well. What I want to do is pray to quarantine the population. And by quarantine, I mean helping people get off of what makes them zombies. There are many places to help them, but they have to be willing to take the treatment in truth.

Yes, I think zombies are out there, and we have the choice of helping to raise the awareness.






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