Do I Need a Resolution?

  1. Keep reading the Bible. Pray afterwards.
  2. Lose 20-30 pounds this year to improve my heart health, using exercise (something I don’t want to do, but is needed) and wise eating.
  3. Get a job I enjoy and/ or caters to my qualifications, possibly working 2 jobs.
  4. Get out of debt, starting with the ones that are beyond irritating. I’m becoming debt free in order to finish seminary, build wealth and give, and have my own place.
  5. Help fix things around the home.
  6. Continue healing emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
  7. Practice my artistic “gifts.” This includes writing a book, something that is an estimate 5 month process, and this process needs prayer, inspiration, and dedication.
  8. Avoid setting bridges on fire. This means I need to stay away from matches (I haven’t purchased any in a while).
  9. Build a good male/ female friendship that may lead to a relationship.

I heard something about goals, to write them down and share them. Also, these goals must be specific. I remember making a new year’s resolution back in 2012, to make as many mistakes as possible. I didn’t see it as wanting to be a failure, but to remove trying to be perfect externally. Now, I have these goals because I want to continue growing and fighting against being stuck. Thank y’all for allowing me to share.


And I’m just getting started.




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