A Single Introverted Man’s Journey, 1/11/16.

At one point in life, I come to know people, and I’m introduced to their significant other, the girlfriend/ boyfriend. Their either a couple when I meet them, or they get in a relationship later on in life. They’re pretty cool, too, they have a cool temperament and generally welcoming. Later on in life, some of them end their relationship. It’s weird to me because I would see them on different occasions and have conversations, and they’re still cool with me and vice versa (with a few that aren’t). I would think it would be awkward if I see them in the same area. I’m not saying I’m in the middle or choosing sides. It’s like I spoke to John Doe on Wednesday who used to go with Jane, and I speak to Jane on Friday who has moved on. I’m still cool with them, yet I hope they have reconciled their friendship.

Now, I want to address something that has happened to me and others. Some of us had been talking to someone, starting a friendship, and it’s pretty cool. The communication is going well, we seem to like each other, and all of a sudden it stops. The person ceases to communicate. Some of us are left with a “What’s going on,” or a “Was it something I said, or a “Why.” For some reason, the person on the other end stops communicating, and I think that’s rude to leave the other person hanging. I think people deserve a little reason why the communication should stop, unless the people did or said something harmful, and it seems best to distance themselves. It’s possible that folks feed off of the self-esteem of those who had good expectations into a relationship. It’s also possible that insecurity got in the way, and they cut ties. For whatever reason, the people who are left empty must deal with what’s going on and rise above it. Most likely, the door closed so that a new door can open. I personally don’t like unfinished chapters, and would rather finish them and have closure, but there may be things that will reveal themselves later and a person like me will go, “Oh. That’s why that happened.”


And I’m just getting started.




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