Something Small, 1/25/16 (February is almost here).

This will be everywhere. 😛

Racism is stupid. Let me flip that. Racism isn’t stupid. We are stupid for taking part in it. A few weekends ago, I went in a restroom in a hospital, and on a wall someone wrote “Kill all (censored) (censored),” pertaining to Blacks and homosexuals. When I saw it, I thought it wasn’t serious and immature., less mature than when people write phone numbers in case someone wanted a good time. Since it was written in pen, It may take some time for it to come off. A while before that, I see a video a relative posted on Facebook about a male who confronted some protesters, and he directs his attention to the Black man behind the scenes, grunting like a monkey and calling him names (, Well, he later apologized, but it was too late as he was fired from his job.

I was thinking about those who go out there and “express” their hatred towards others who don’t share their “race,” their ethnicity and their sexuality. I think these folks are being used by people behind the scenes, like how strategists plan attacks and have soldiers carry them out. I’m not saying they’re not thinking for themselves, but I will say some of us aren’t thinking when we execute hatred like that. I told a few people that I believed “racism” is taught, and in addition to that inherited. A kid had to have learned a joke about another ethnicity from somewhere. Also, kids will call out anything that is not familiar with them. It’s another thing when they’re taught to be focused  on something in particular.

For a while, there has been a rise of interest on sexuality. I remember when it was just there, it wasn’t anything new. It seems like people want to put legal documents behind it, now. I have my thoughts on it, and it may close some communication depending on the type of person. Things may get more confusing when it comes to public restrooms (South Park had a crazy episode talking about transgender(s)). Now, if this rise was about the money, I would definitely doubt the media more than I do now. As I was taught, nothing is new under the sun.

Sometimes, I thought I didn’t represent the African-American community well enough based on how I responded to some situations. Folks would want me to do something in particular, or say something, when my character didn’t line up to those things (I kind of referenced that in an earlier post, “Just Because I’m Black.” Yes, a shameless plug). I remember who raised me, and the influences that made me who I am. It’s easy for me to forget. But I’m reminded. I don’t have to solely be a representative for African-Americans. I can be myself, not to be exploited for other’s enjoyment. I wasn’t brought up to be a puppet, a stereotype, a statistic, one-dimensional, a coward, or to hate another person simply because their skin color doesn’t share mine.

There are going to be folks who are in fear, insecure, jealous, or injected with hyper-masculinity, and it may be expressed on people of different colors. It’s going to happen, but folks don’t have to let it slide. I… am tired of it. I’m tired of being the recipient of it when it happens, and I’m tired to participating in it whenever my mood isn’t on a good level (example: when I’m driving. I’m a racist towards everybody without name calling). That’s why I don’t consider it racism, but ethno-phobia. Addressing it a big thing, and I don’t think it will stop until people go to Heaven. But one thing I’m learning is that I don’t have to participate in those activities. I would rather focus my energy into understanding other ethic cultures.


And I’m just getting started.




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