Something Small, 2/17/16.

  • As of today, I’m six chapters in the story I’m writing. The first few chapters were easy to write, but the challenge came later on, as I’m trying to develop the characters in the story. It’s tough to progress the story and make it to 5 pages. I’m encouraged to write more pages than an alleged true story about an escort scandal with a college basketball team. I saw how many pages the book contained and the size of the book and thought, “I can write a book.” The thing is I have to write something good, but something blah. I want some earning power.
  • Ever since my car has been on hiatus (I was a delivery driver), I’ve been looking for another job. I have been lazy in it, though. I have recently gotten phone calls, and I explained that I want a position that’s by a bus stop, but they didn’t have any. If the money is managed right, that car hiatus would be temporary, unless I can get a good position around a bus stop and I can save money.
  • dark-girlsI said this before somewhere, but I don’t know where… I don’t think Black American women are seen in the same light as other ethnicities. If I take a look at the perception of women from now to maybe the 60s, I don’t think Black women were seen in a good light. Respect for them has increased in one period, and even that was hard earned, but as far as beauty, opportunities, and encouragement, I don’t think they have that attention (and I may be wrong about what I say). Maybe if we all treated them as equally as we treated other women of different ethnicities, some of the bad publicity they receive won’t exist.

And I’m just getting started.




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