Something Small, 2/25/16.

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This is a sketch based on what I experienced when the police pulled me over. They noticed I had a bat down in between the driver door and seat above all of the other stuff that was visible. I think they were looking for drugs.

When I was a delivery driver, I learned a little more of what makes a driver tick. Some get angry over traffic. Some get heated when another driver cuts them off. I try to say a driver’s prayer before/ while I’m on the road because folks don’t drive responsibly sometimes. The thing that had gotten under my skin the most is when drivers didn’t use blinkers.


I don’t think it’s hard for anyone to use their blinkers. Unless it’s place in the back passenger’s seat, I don’t think it’s hard to use the blinkers switch. As I observe, some have one hand on the wheel and another on the phone. Others are occupied with the passenger that the attention is a little off. Then there are some who just may not care to use anything in the car. I made it clear for myself to use my blinkers to let others know where I was going and to avoid collision since I was delivering food. I didn’t like when people were behind me in a close range and it felt like it was hard to maneuver, so I slowed down not only to be safe but to annoy the speed of the driver behind me (shh).

Blinkers weren’t important to me all of the time. I was pulled over one time because I didn’t use my blinkers, and I was in the turning lane. Would I still need my blinkers? I don’t know. I just know that some police drivers don’t use their blinkers.


On a side note, I was looking at this website, and they showed celebrities people didn’t know were Black. Well, the people didn’t know the celebrities had Black genetics. I knew some of the celebrities listed had Black genetics. What I was troubled with was how the people wrote about some of them, as if they had to hide the knowledge from the world, as if folks would turn away because they had Black genetics. Should people be ashamed of having Black genetics? Is it a bad thing? May it never be.


And I’m just getting started.




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