Something Small, 3/13/16.

  • My new adventure in a job change has been a tiring one. I had to take a break from being a delivery driver because my car had problems. I took my current job as a cleaner on weeknights to get money to fix my car. The work is a workout, and I have lost weight cleaning a hospital floor, including the bathrooms. Taking this job, it brought back the concerns of working fast enough, something that haunted me since my first job. I’ve been told I’m slow, and it’s something that I didn’t want to be when I’m working. I based my worth on my performance. I wanted to be as fast as everyone else to avoid ridicule, critique, and/ or termination. All of those things I have to lay aside. Since I’ve been working at my new job, the staff has had no complaints. I still want to step my game up a little, have more quality and more organization.
  • I went to Lexington’s comic convention on the weekend. It was cool. On a later post, I will give my “much loves.”
  • As I have been away from a bit of society for a while, I had to hear some things that reflected on my character. I would like to be more forgiving, more understanding, and less assuming. I push away when things don’t play out the way I want it to, but that’s where the fun of adapting comes in.
  • My writing has taken a hard hit last week because I’m so tired when I come home. I must adapt in order to get a page in a day.


And I’m just getting started.




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