I Got The Interview, But Not The Job.

Disclaimer: If I mentioned this in a previous post, I’m sorry if I’m talking about it again.

Last year, I applied to be a paraeducator, among other positions, in various schools in one of the counties in Kentucky. I didn’t follow through in my own county because of the extensive paperwork, but I’ll try to apply in the future. I would receive emails that read that the position had been filed or expired, and it was discouraging. One day as I was driving on my previous job, I got a phone call from a principal who wanted to schedule an interview. We scheduled the interview for the following week.

I arrived on time for the interview with a few seconds to spare. I saw the receptionist/ secretary, a hurt student, and a teacher in the office, with people going in and out of the area. I finally met the principal, and we went in the office. I saw that she had a few God inspired things in the office. In the interview, I did the best I could to answer the questions I was given. There was one thing that she didn’t write down when she asked me a question. She also saw that I listen to Dave Ramsey as I mentioned something that he had said. I walked out of the interview thinking I did a good job, but I questioned if I did well. She showed me the artwork/ craft that the students made, as art was mentioned in the interview. She said she would let me know that evening or the next day about the position. The next day came, and I receive a call that morning saying the position has been filled. I thanked her for the interview, as I did the day before.

I came out of that experienced encouraged. When I drove off of the school’s campus, I thanked God for giving me the interview as I saw it as a blessing. I felt like if I can get an interview there, I can one day get a position like that or something that fits my educational background. It’s not to say my current job as a janitor isn’t a blessing, even though there are moments that make me think otherwise. I thank the principal and the folks who screened my application to get me to the interview. I didn’t try to bribe them or butter them up with words or treats. I went in with my dress shoes, pants, shirt, and tie. I may have worked in that ensemble.

As I said before, this is a blessing, and if I can get an interview for a paraeducator, I can one day get a position like that or something that fits my educational background. It’s tough to keep the hope up when times can be challenging. I didn’t know where to look for a job after I received my degree. I’m very glad prayer worked, and I hope to receive help in what to do with me educational background. Some of us have complained that we can’t find anything. Some of us have to look hard to find a position that accommodates our qualities. I know there are people who had to put their dreams/ goals aside because of situations that needed more attention. A good number of them get a pass because of their selfless act(s). I strongly believe that we need assistance and encouragement to find work we enjoy. And I believe the assistance needs to be from people who want to see others progress. And a lot of us need to kill the pride that encourages us not to look for/ receive help. I may be a janitor now, but I don’t know what will happen in the future, so I need to have my options open.

That interview was a game changer for me because it showed that it’s possible to get a position on that level. I hope folks can obtain employment that they enjoy. I want them to get their finances in order and do things that help better themselves and others. I want to be jealous of them for going for their goals. Yes, I want to be the hater, so much that it inspires me to go for my goals. It sounds weird, right?


And I’m just getting started.




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