My Experience with DRY.


Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this picture.



Last year, as I was in between orders as a delivery driver, I would go to different places to stay occupied. I sometimes went to Kroger and purchased something to eat or drink. One particular day, I was in Kroger, and I was looking for something good in the front where the drinks are cold. I was combing through the items, and I found something called DRY (@DRY_Sparkling). It was a carbonated beverage, but what made it stand out was the sugar content. It didn’t have the grams of sugar as other carbonated drinks, and I was looking for beverages that weren’t high in sugar. It also didn’t have any extra ingredients. I think I bought the cherry flavor that day. I tried it, and it was pretty good. I could taste the flavor, so they didn’t hold back in that area as they did with the sugar. Later on, I told my family about it, and they tried the drinks I purchased, and they liked them.

What made DRY Soda stand out to me is that it didn’t have that much sugar, yet it was good. Some of us want a lot of sweet content in our drinks, and some of us know that when we drink something that is very sweet and eat some candy or something sweet we don’t taste the sweetness. I wanted to find things that didn’t rely on its sugar content aside from fruit.

When I shared the drink my family, my brother tried to find the drink at a Kroger, but he couldn’t find it. I went to the same Kroger and found it, and I was at another Kroger and found it in a different part of the store, so it could be placed in a specific section based on store location. I also found the beverages at one of the whole food- type stores, and they had different flavors. I think it’s good to know where they are sold before people go looking for them.

I went on DRY’s website (, and I saw the different flavors they had. Another thing they pointed out is how it can be used to mix alcoholic drinks. I think that’s cool, since the sugar content won’t be so high when mixing drinks. I don’t encourage intoxication, but I like how they share recipes with their beverages.

I’ll continue to purchase the DRY Soda brand as long as it’s out. For me, it was an alternative to the carbonated products out there that had high sugar content or other sweeteners whose aftertaste didn’t do well with me. As long as they don’t pull a Paula Deen or a Trent Lot, I’m fine with the products.


And I’m just getting started.




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