Brandon’s Poetry/ Writing Corner, 4/30/16.

Disclaimer: I originally posted this on Facebook back in March of 2014. And since it’s a poetry month…


Confessions of a Cheater


All I hear is the sounds of her slaps and tears

because she thought I would be faithful to her for years.

Her strikes sting, though my face shows no expression.

By the weight of the truth, I understand her aggression.

Her eyes become waterfalls as I’m looking on.

Her cheerful personality appears to be gone.

She screams statements and questions, saying she’s going to get me.

Her brother’s 6 foot 2, and he weigh 250.

When I met her, she had a smile full of sunshine.

Within minutes of talking, I wanted her to be mine.

We went out for coffee, to movies, and meals.

Her sincere kisses let me know she was real.

She took me to meet her family over food.

They liked me, since I had put them in a good mood.

Later on, I thought we had monotonous routines,

so I went out alone to explore new scenes.

I then connect with who she calls a slut from a stare.

One thing led to another. Now, I’m in an affair.

She didn’t know of my whereabouts because I lied.

She then discovered through my phone* someone (else) on the side.

All this time, I could have kept my agreement alive.

Instead, it dwindled to let my curiosity thrive.

I allowed my body to make the decisions.

Both parties didn’t know about my intentions.

When her father heard about it, he called me to cuss me out.

I would rather face him and his son in a bout.

My control of the situation became a bust.

Her love for me changed since I lost her trust.

I had something so wonderful, and I let it go.

The chance of forgiving my selfishness is low.

I’ll give anything just to see a smile back on her face.

Her brother’s feet step out of a truck in a parking space.


  • Edited from “She then discovered I was seeing…”



Image (262)

This is where I originally wrote the piece.


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