I had a strange dream, and in the dream I was talking with my mother. I was using vulgar language, something I don’t do, at least 98% (I have used it before). I wasn’t cussing her out, but it was messed up that I was using the language. After the dream, I thought about what I was doing. Recently, I started removing adult language from a project, something I mentioned in a blog, and someone saw my blog and possibly misinterpreted what I wrote. I was also going through some things and my behavior and character wasn’t getting much sun. I had to change, not be cold, move away from being bitter.

I think dreams reveal people’s current state, or something they put on hold. I also think dreams can be a thing of comfort or warning. I have dreams where I would lay in the bed looking around in a vegetative state, and I dislike those dreams. In the recent one, something was coming into the room, a blob-like thing with eyes maybe, and a bunch of crosses rushes it when it hits the door. This happens several times in the dream. It can be interpreted that I’ll be protected, even when I’m sleeping. Around the time of the dream, I was worried about a few things, like my car and employment. It was like saying God has my back.

There have been dreams that I want to be in repetition, but I would have to repeat all that I did the day before, and I know I can’t repeat a Wednesday when it’s Thursday. I would like to have dreams that monitor my character and help me reflect on who I am. I believe having those dreams will help me change for the better.

There are dreams that I don’t want in repetition. I had one where I was doing some pro wrestling in a gym. When I got out of the gym and going to my mother’s car in the lot, I noticed that one of the wheels is missing. I call my mother, and I see some men slowly approaching me. The one in the front is tall and carrying some cross-shaped device over his head (it looked like giant wooden round audio switches shaped in a cross). His grin creeps me out, and I wake up. That dream was strange, as it later on becomes a nightmare. I don’t like nightmares. That’s why I don’t watch horror movies. I would rather have dreams where there’s success, like paying my last debt, working at a job I enjoy, visiting one of the few countries I’ve been to before, or making a song, and I’ve had dreams like that before. I had dream where I was at Heaven’s gate, and a dude wouldn’t allow me in. I ask to see Jesus. I didn’t about getting in. All I wanted to do is see Jesus. The dude then goes to get him, and I wake up.

A few years ago, I had a dream where I was in the clouds, and I see Jesus with an old friend of mine (he’s still alive). Jesus is sitting down drawing. I couldn’t make out what he was drawing. I wake up, and in the month of December of 2014 I try to replicate the drawing I saw in the dream. If there are more dreams with Jesus in the future, I’m alright. Maybe when I’m in my 60s I’ll see visions.


And I’m just getting started.




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