Brandon’s Writing Corner, 6/19/16.

These are a few small writings that were done within several years, and I saw them on my desk and thought to share them.

Sour Disposal

Why do you have a sour heart? Did you leave it out? Did you want to keep it fresh? I would like for your heart to be fresh, and remove the sourness, the rottenness. Everything that is past its date, left to collect what was in the air, must go. If you need a heart, make sure it grows right. The cruelties of life will get in the air and may cause your heart to sour, but I encourage you to keep refreshing your heart.


Hotpot Love Affair

I would see her every now and then, I couldn’t recognize her.

We met briefly in Illinois, then again in St. Louis.

We first started to know each other in L.A.

We have a hotpot love affair and it can be so nice.

I hope it develops into something that mainly has rice.




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