Brandon’s Poetry/ Writing Corner, 6/22/16.



Why do a certain few go through heartaches?

I guess divine intervention knows what their hearts can take.

Some put their hearts in and receive heartache.

I’m offended because I see the love their hearts can make.

It seems people know what’s good for me,

Where I should go or who I should be.

For some strange reason, that would make me happy,

But God knows my steps. I should tell them, “Get at me.”

Sometimes, I think it’s for hidden reasons.

Paranoid, right? I hope it’s for a season.

Getting out of funks, I’m blessed I’m breathing.

It’s tough getting on a path with a faith I believe in.

I get tired of people wondering if I’m okay

Because the question has already been played.

Folks need to know I may struggle day to day

And it may be for the best if I’m molded like clay.

Just be in prayers that I’m not being broken,

Made into a whipping post, made into a token.

Predators seek the gullible and others not noted.

Get rid of them all and have the news spoken.

There are bits in me that need to be corrected.

I push away whenever I fell disrespected.

The situations that need attention get neglected.

I need to shape it up and be gracefully inspected.

In the mirror of my mind I say, “I need correction,”

Like how I respond when things don’t go my direction.

It may be for the best in future reflection

And the Lord may be doing it for my own protection.

Folks don’t need to worry about me. I’ll wait

For this stint to be over. Now and later, I’ll celebrate.

I’m learning how to drop dead weight

And carry the rest if it’s part of my fate.

I don’t think there will be any impromptu hunts.

I’m sticking to the path which may have new stunts.

I’ll be fine as long as I don’t send through fronts.

Folks know where to find me. They’ll see me in a few months.


And I’m just getting started.






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