Something Small, 6/27/16.

  • One of my pet peeves at my 2nd shift job was that people threw trash in the bins only for linens (they have blue bags for the linens). Since the bins are trash cans used to discard of linens, people used them as trash cans. It’s possible that they don’t know, or they don’t care. There are signs that read “(soiled) linens only,” but it didn’t stop people, whether it’s patients or staff (yes, staff were doing it, too). I saw a printed sign that read “No Trash Soiled Linen Only,” and it looked very straight to the point, and one night I swiped it, made copies of it, and placed a copy on one of the frequented offended linen bins. I accidently left a few of the copies out on a table, and I thought I would be in trouble since I used a copier there (I’m not on their staff, and their machine wasn’t locked). I didn’t care. I still did it, and a few weeks ago the staff did throw things in there based on the type of trash thrown in there. We need to have decency. I’m no longer at that place, anymore, not solely because of the pet peeve.
  • I’m the type of person who likes to stick to a schedule. I’m learning that about myself. If I’m told 9, it means I’ll be there around 9. I was asked to see a movie with some people last weekend. I was told the time. I left early to get the ticket, and I texted a few people, saying they should get their ticket early. After taking care of things at home, I go near the destination. I receive a text saying that they will be late because of lunch, I think. I was thrown off, and after a few more texts, I decide to see something else. I didn’t feel like waiting to see a movie later on, I was at least 25 minutes away from home, and I didn’t want to change the ticket another time. Based on what happened, my forgiveness level, adaptability, and negotiation abilities need an upgrade. I was thinking, “I should cuss them out (non-Christian, right?),” but it wouldn’t help, since I don’t know what was going on at the other end.
  • I no longer have 2 jobs. I would still consider having a 2nd one, only if it’s not physically stressful. It would be cool to be a delivery driver again, if my vehicle is up to grade. I would rather have another vehicle to make deliveries. There are a few things I would like to do in regards as a second job. I would like to journey into editing, or getting into making beats (music) again, if it’s good and folks like it.
  • I adopted a new instrument last weekend. Her name is Elaine, and she’s a concert ukulele. There may be 2 more main instruments I want to adopt, and getting a guitar will be challenging for me, for I may tune it and mark it like a ukulele. I will also need to learn how to strum better, gain that confidence. I would love to regain the hobby of music again, and sustain the love (I’m embarrassing my brother at home right now playing the ukulele, at home).
  • I try to stay consistent in the church. This week, I will try to get into some of the ministries I used to be in since I was in 2nd shift. It will be difficult because I wonder if things have changed or not. If things haven’t changed, I may say something.


And I’m just getting started.




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