Something Small, 7/9/16.

  • Several years ago, I was in an office of a career counselor. They saw that I had an English degree. The person asked me why I didn’t use it. I gave a runaround answer. I really didn’t have an answer. I didn’t know what do to with my degree, I was afraid to look, and once I tried looking for work based around it I would quit shortly after because I got discouraged. Bouncing around jobs really wasn’t comfortable, especially when I didn’t finish seminary. I didn’t seeing bouncing through jobs in my plans. But since then, I’ve been more focused instead of going wherever the wind takes me. I’m proud of working somewhere for more than a year. As far as careers, my dream is to work on music, to get paid for my beats, if they’re really good. What is more realistic is working somewhere based on my experience(s) and qualifications (:P). What I need to work hard for is working in my field, whether based around English or ministry. There will always be obstacles, whether it’s myself, others, and/ or possibly time. I rather not have folks in my way, but it will most likely happen. I don’t want to ponder on it too much, but rather do what I like and what is appropriate.
  • I need to explain the last poetry corner, “Stint.” I wrote that based on the time I had during the 2nd shift job I had. I was thinking about MF Doom’s “Doomsday” while I was writing, to get into the feel and possibly write better, I was feeling like I didn’t care what happened to me during my job, as if I was brave (a bit foolishly brave), I was hearing what some folks suggested, but it seemed like it didn’t go with me. My attitude was sour, and it needed to change. So, what was written was a love letter to everyone, including me. Folks said they missed me, and I was nonchalant when they said it. I wasn’t as bright, and I hoped this would catch anyone up, allow them to move forward, and for me to brighten up on the inside. Thanks to everyone who checked out and/ or liked it.
  • I have been asked by a few people about seminary recently. I had a conversation with God a while before that, explaining why I didn’t want to return and it was for small stuff that happened in the past that should have not held weight. I reluctantly said I would go back. I didn’t want to go back, all because of something minor, not getting back into the dorm. I wasn’t ready for the responsibility of an apartment, or any change that was huge for me. I thought I would be overwhelmed going to school, living in an apartment paying rent, and having a job all at once, and some folks do that. So I’m saying to myself to let go of any hang-ups and grow up some more. I won’t be back in seminary any time soon, but it’s on my list.
  • These last few days have been messed up for America. Two Black males have been shot and killed by police and a person or people have shot at police, killing a few, and injuring the others. The way Black males are viewed by the police and how the Black community view police needs to change now. The deaths of the 2 Black males didn’t make sense to me, and the shooting and killing of the police didn’t make sense to me, either. I’m just a male behind a keyboard, but this voice I’m using can spread. Black people have a culture of our own in America, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a threat. It’s like any other ethnic culture in America. I believe a lot of fear (propaganda) is involved, and it should be put to rest. I’m going to close this by praying for all of the families involved in the tragedies, and say my name is Brandon and I am Black.


And I’m just getting started.




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