Late To the Party: Song Review, 8/7/16.

Disclaimer: I’m starting a late-to-the-party series (I don’t think of it as a series) because I want to review things that were done a while ago. It could be a song, a movie, an object, or food, but I’m reviewing the food as it was presented in the past, not me eating the food later on. I would be sick by now.

Prince- “If I Was Your Girlfriend” 1987


I heard “If I Was Your Girlfriend” several years ago. I didn’t listen to it when it first came out because I wasn’t paying attention, and it was on one of his most must-listen-to albums. I think I checked it out after I looked at the Sign ‘O’ The Times page on Wikipedia. I want to give my point of view of this song because of the idea(s) it holds.

The lyrics speak of a man who wants to have a closer connection to his girlfriend, who is implied to have a closer relationship with a best friend. Apparently, the song was about Prince’s reaction to his then girlfriend/ fiancée’s bond with her sister, who was a member of his band. He sounds weak in the lyrics, and he sings them in an emasculate way, especially how it starts out. He wants to hear everything from her, dress her up when they go out, comb/ brush her hair, some things I guess best friends do. At the end of the song, he tries to talk to her in an attempt to get closer to her. The reasoning was strange, yet I think that’s what (some) guys do in order to get next to who they want. It starts to get uncomfortable later on in the speech, based on the tone. Like, I could imagine the lady feeling awkward, as if she wants to leave before the situation goes downhill.

Musically, the song sounds sad. The way the melodic keys sound along with the drums, bass, and strings makes me feel like hope was on its deathbed. As I mentioned previously, there’s emasculating sound to it, as Prince sings like his manliness is being taken away from him because of the lack of connection in the relationship. The song sounds like the end of life to me, like I’m at the end of time, and I’m not sharing it with that special lady. I feel like they’re in a bedroom/ living room, and the dude is on one end of the couch/ bed/ furniture, by himself, while the two friends are on the other end enjoying their company. If Y: the Last Man came out with a show, I would want this song to be the theme (the film adaptation was cancelled, and they’re working on a TV adaptation). Also, besides cover versions of the song, a group consisting of two sets of twins had a song that mimicked “If I Was Your Girlfriend.” No wonder why I liked the song.

I don’t know when I will listen to the song again. I can say I have related to how Prince felt, wanting to be best friends with a lady, yet they may be tied to their best friend. I don’t know many songs that can cover a topic like this well, but it would be worth the search. It’s not the “you’re out with your friends too much”, or the “you don’t have time for me” type of song. It’s about a dude who wants to get closer by becoming the best friend.


And I’m just getting started.




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