Goodbye, Unisex Products?


Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this picture.

When I saw that Degree deodorant started differentiating the scents between the men and women over a decade ago, I was disappointed. Funny story, I was shopping with my mother, (I was in my teens) and I went to pick up some deodorant, sheer powder to be exact. I got back to her, and she said it was for women. I looked on the label, and she was right. I didn’t read that the scent was for women. Later on, she would say that it didn’t matter, but it did to me. Later on in life, I would smell what the women’s sheer powder scent was like. It gravitated to a feminine smell. I thought, “There’s no way I can get away with using it, now.”

That particular powder scent is being marketed mostly for women, I think. It’s crazy to me, because I remember it being unisex, both for men and women. The Sure brand now is over in the women’s section, and so is Ban. I don’t know if Ban was unisex or not, but they had a good powder fragrance, then they made it specifically a roll-on. Has it come to this? It makes wonder if there’s anything that can be used between both men and women. When I go to a store, I see the men’s deodorant section, and it’s geared towards what I believe men want in their deodorant, whether it’s sporty, full of action, bold, strong, and/ or manly. I feel like I have to choose what scent would work best for me. Could I just be fresh? I could go back to using unscented deodorant (it actually worked).

I’m writing this because I like using a powder scent in my deodorant, and it has been moved to the women’s side. I’ve learned to tolerate it, yet inside I’m thinking, “It’s not fair!” I thought powder was universal, and I actually use powder. They put it on babies to keep them fresh and for other health reasons. What’s crazy is that Johnson & Johnson may be in a legal situation because their powder was said to be linked to cancer. I don’t use that brand, though, but if I did, I would be sad because of my regular use of the powder. Getting back to the deodorant, who’s to say that the powder scent is just for women? There has been powder that had a muskier scent. I would think some scents could be shared with both sexes. A shower fresh scent was shared between man and woman, but things may have changed.

I won’t say dividing between men and women is a bad thing. I think there are products/ things that need to cater to the two sexes. I see there are products that are specifically designed for the men’s and women’s biology. There may be vague areas, like if a woman passes by and she smells like Old Spice Swagger fragrance, or a man using Sheer Twilight Caress body wash. Some folks would mind, and some wouldn’t mind. I would wonder if folks had this situation back in 100 A.D.

When all of my powder fresh deodorant is gone, I wonder what will be next to use. Old Spice has been majorly pushed, I think Axe has declined in popularity, and Degree is the go-to, even though they were the ones that exposed the devastating news. I dare not to use Speed Stick (it doesn’t last long for me), and I have yet to try something out of my box like Mitchum or Tom’s of Maine. Above all the deodorant talk, I want to care about my hygiene, no matter what I use.

Please comment if y’all have something to share about the topic(s).


And I’m just getting started.




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