Brandon’s Poetry Corner, 8/22/16.

Disclaimer: Originally posted on Facebook on 6/30/14.


Even From Flies (Working Title)


Mrs. Miller saw redness on my back


And said she’s not having any of that.


She called child protective services


And that made my father nervous.


He tried to dodge them, but he couldn’t.


He was doing things other fathers wouldn’t.


Some people came and took me away


And asked me how it got this way.


Well, my mommy died when I was 3.


By then, he didn’t take anger out on me.


When I got a new “mother,” his anger came out.


She left because she was tired of the bouts.


After that, he started to hit me,


Scream at me, saying, “It’s your fault!”


At night, I would lie in bed and cry.


He became a monster. I didn’t know why.


Now, Mrs. Miller checks on me every day.


My father has been sent away.


My father had some coping problems


And didn’t know how to solve them.


Child protective services sent me to family


Who wept when they found out I was being abused.


They don’t have children, although they try.


If they do, I’ll protect them, even from flies.


Thanks to my teacher, I have been saved.


This weekend, I’ll go and see my mommy’s grave.



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