Something Small, 9/6/16.

  • I only posted one thing in July. Nothing bad was going on in life. I was mostly working, and it was my birthday month. I was surprised when a ministry group sung to me “Happy birthday,” gave me a card, and gave me cupcakes. I ended up serving the people. I even worked on my birthday, as I have before.
  • At work, there are things that I don’t find pleasant. Folks complained about how we don’t give out enough napkins, so we had to put them in the front. What I noticed is some folks grab a lot, more than 8. I wonder if they’ll use them all, or if it’s a security thing. Also, I dealt with a woman who was disappointed that we didn’t have shrimp egg rolls and honey mustard. Her attitude wasn’t pleasant. I’m glad I gave an infant a high five earlier, because it’s the sunshine of the day. Also, I had people come up to order, and they would say something like, “What do you recommend?” or if they’re with someone, “What are you going to get?” especially when they’re in the front of the line. I’m thinking, “Are you waiting to see if they’ll get something that cost more money, or are you not secure in ordering first?” I like it when folks know what they’re ordering, order the items they chose, and get on with the process, mostly because that’s how I am, but nobody’s the same.
    • To add, my attitude hasn’t been pleasant, either. I was annoyed when folks paid with $100 bills when the order was over $10. And it was challenging  making sense of complicated/ confusing orders. I would love to be the best at what I do, but I know I have my days where I’m not as sweet, but I don’t have to take it out on others.
  • Brasil, I owe y’all an apology. When the 2016 Olympics was happening, there was a story of a few athletes being robbed. Since I did capoeira in the past and communicated with Brazilians, I was like, “This is messed up,” and my impression of Brasil went down. Later on, it turns out that the athletes were drunk and uncooperative, and that robbery story was made up to cover up what really went on. Not only the athletes and the parties involved should apologize, they should do some service that helps out the youth (I got that from my pastor). I apologize because I misjudged and I should know better. I have learned that I need to hear the story, but investigate it more because there may be another side that may say otherwise. I have to find the truth in all of it.


And I’m just getting started.




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