Something Small, 9/13/16.

  • This Tuesday at work was hopefully the last time I experienced what I did. I had two folks ordering with a coupon, but they wanted to pay separately, and they confused me because they wanted to pay with a $10 and a $20. I wanted them to settle the payment first without me hearing it. Then, there was a dude who ordered his food, and after he heard a dude order something with shrimp he wanted to change his order, and there was a line. I was thinking, “no.” To add to it, there was a dude who gave him a coupon, and he wanted to use it for another order, but everything that was already completed, and I couldn’t/ wouldn’t do anything about it. The day was as boring as the day before, except I was tired. That was my fault, because I didn’t get enough sleep. No more procrastination with sleep.
  • Work has taken up my time, and I don’t want it to be that way. I want to use my other time to express my artistic side. I also must pray because A lot of the chapter(s) I’m going through now.
  • God has been good to me. I’m glad that I keep up the Bible reading, and I hope to stay consistent with it, complete reading the Bible, and starting it over again.
  • Some of the friendships I do have may need adjusting. Someone said to me we don’t get enough time to hang out, because I was at someone’s place for a short time. I responded that I will see them later on, and we will hang out then. I thought about it later on, and I would say to myself and everyone else is that we need to make every moment count when we see each other. I wouldn’t say “we need to hang out” and not show the effort or not take the initiative. So, if someone says to me “we need to hang out,” then I may say, “let’s set it up.”
  • Some people share similar stories with me, and they’re from different ethnicities and cultures. What’s messed up is how some of us don’t come together and discuss those stories. Some of us want to keep it within our space, while others want to step outside of our space. We need more people to step outside of our spaces, me included.
  • I am not liking politics right now, not where I live and not in the election. It’s crazy how I hear people make comment/ jokes on the current president and the same party candidate running for the election, yet they don’t mention anything about the other party or the people in that party. They only mentioned what the wife said in the speech, how she allegedly used another person’s words. I would respect folks more if they say what/ who they really like/ don’t like and why instead of saying things around it. Like, I don’t like the candidates in the election, and I said it before in a previous post. Some say, “make America great again,” and I asked, “when was it great?” When was America all-around great? There are tainted spots the country’s history. I think what can make America better is for folks to stop taking political/ economical/ societal shots at each other and come together to get some things fixed. Some of us are too busy hating on the healthcare. Instead, I want to hate on the foul stuff .


And I’m just getting started.




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