Nepotism and I Don’t Get Along.

I’m not a fan of favoritism, or nepotism. I feel like it can push people away while praising others to a point it seems like they’re stars. I sounded “salty,” did I? I have a few experiences where I felt favoritism was used, and it seem right.

Recently, I was at work, and the manager asked us to keep the talking to a minimum, I think, although I didn’t know what he was asking us to due since his conversational English is not as good. He asked a coworker to prepare the rice for the sushi, and he sat it down. A few customers came and we took care of business. A while later, the manager comes out and sees that the sushi rice wasn’t prepared. That led to a “conversation” between the manager and the coworker. The coworker brought up that the manager was treating the other coworkers better because they were of the same ethnicity as the managers. The coworker wanted respect. I heard both of their views as they were having a “conversation,” one which they were having in the front where people could see. The manager later apologized to us that day. My coworker didn’t feel he was treated equally, and that causes discomfort.

I felt discouraged when I saw what seemed to be nepotism. One time, I heard a conversation where the martial arts master wanted to build up one of the students. He was young, and could be good at what he was doing, but fast forward  a few years later I see the same dude while a group was having dinner, and he has gained weight (maybe) and possibly isn’t participating in the martial art anymore, and I wasn’t, either. Another instance was in family. This one can hit worse because it’s relatives. The biggest issue with that was ego, who was the alpha, and some of us didn’t speak to each other for years. At that time, I didn’t care because of what I didn’t like in people’s character. We were more cordial later on. So much pressure existed when we were younger, so much maintenance on reputation and perception that won’t be important 10 years later.

I understand nepotism/ favoritism if it’s for good reasons, like hooking your family/ friend up with some food (on discount), or a job, or a relationship with someone. I don’t find it comfortable when there’s an oppressive element to it, or if there’s an awkward sense that ethnicity sex, or class is involved. If someone is more skilled than the other in something, and they don’t get the position just because they weren’t the same color and/ or class, I don’t think it’s right. And the strange thing is a big election is coming up, and I really  don’t know who I can vote for.

One day, a relative of mine came to where I worked, and I think he was picking his friend up. I asked him if he (and his friend) wanted a meal. I gave them a meal, but I paid for it. I didn’t give them a meal off of the company’s account. I didn’t take advantage of anyone while making the order, but it may be the only time I would pay for meals like that. I don’t mind helping family/ friends so that they can improve or save a little something, but I wouldn’t do anything just to uplift my own and bring down others, yet I will encounter those things in life. I may to make sure I handle them properly.


And I’m just getting started.




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