Something Small, 11/23/16.

Last week was not my week for work. It started with seeing my schedule on Sunday, to find that I have a good part time schedule, allowing me to have some good time off on Saturday, which h I was going to use to go to an event. When I got to work on Monday, I was told to check the schedule. I saw that it was “not in my favor.” I gave a little grunt, which they may have heard. I found out that the new employee has left, and it gave me more hours. I would have rather kept the schedule as it was, especially when not much was going on during the week. I then found out that I was to work the lyrics at church on Saturday. I emailed the church, saying I couldn’t make it, asking for someone to switch me which was successful. But last Monday, I wasn’t hospitable. I took orders harshly. I toned down my frustrations throughout the week, but I should have processed the schedule change much better. Last week tapped into my personality, where I get out of whack when there’s a surprise change in the routine. I don’t like it, and I don’t like how I act in hindsight. It’s like I lose favor. And since this is Thanksgiving week, I’m thankful for this observation. This is something to be worked on. And if it properly worked on, it may open up a vast area in maturity. I’m willing to do that.


And I’m just getting started.




One thought on “Something Small, 11/23/16.

  1. I think it depends on the situation. I agree that in work situations things may not always go your way and you have to adjust. Yet, there are times when you have to be careful that people don’t take advantage of you if they feel like they can. It is OK (depending on the situation) to say…”No, I can’t do this because I wasn’t already on the schedule and I have other obligations”. It is a case by case situation.


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