Something Small, 11/23/16.

For several months, I’ve been going to the hospital/ physician for physicals and other things. I’m thankful for the healthcare I have in order to go. My first physical was good, but I wanted to ask questions about a few things. I told the physician that I have had this itching and pain in my hands for a while. It started with my feet with itching, but I went to my hands. I didn’t know what it was. I thought it would attribute to weight gain/ change. After having a blood check and other things, I went to a place that would check on my nerves. The people ran tests on my hands using this device that has this electric pulse. It made my hands and arms jump, and I knew how electricity felt (I was doing something with an electric device a long time ago, and the device was plugged… yeah). Then, the doctor came in and used this needle to poke into my skin. Everything was cool with the arm, until he used the needle on my hand. That… was not pleasant. The test was fine, I was good, but I couldn’t shake off the needle in my hand for a while. I was at work, and I would still feel the area where he used the needle. I’m happy for the advancement of health and technology, and I dread the day when I have to have a prostate exam, but some things in medicine ate tough to be conducted on.

During my first visit, I asked about my tonsil stones, the primary reason I went. I was referred to another place/ department, and I was fine, but I had to take medicine, one which had tough conversations with my digestive system. I’m glad that’s over, now. I’m glad I haven’t had a tonsil stone in a while, and I hope the whole thing is over.


And I’m just getting started.




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