Something Small, 11/25/16.

My time on Black Friday… The day before, I went to bed early so that I could get up at an easier time. Going to bed was a success, but I work up way too early, and I couldn’t get any more sleep.

I got to the mall on time to work, and I was tired. I already knew that I would leave at 5 p.m., and I could go home and rest more. 5 p.m. came, and I was getting ready to leave, until I was stopped. I saw the schedule, and I was to work all day. I was mad, again. This was the 2nd time this has happen, where the manager or whoever decides to change the times last minute, especially without proper. notification. The manager said I could leave, but I said “no” and stayed, because I would have been ticked off wherever I went because of the decision. The manager sees it as making more money, and I see it as rubbish.

If folks need me to help them or do overtime, then they need to say so, right then and there. It would make life easier. As for work, I respect it when the schedule is done and kept the way it is, not changed when something happens. Also, the work schedule should cater in advance big events, not planning times last minute, or changing it from a normal schedule to a special one. Now, yes, I made more money, but it’s not about the money (I don’t love it). I was thinking, “Forget the money.” I needed rest. Everyone needed rest, not to be exhausted because of an overrated shopping spree. Since it’s second time the abrupt schedule change has happened, it will be the last time, because next time that mess pops off I’m going to the supervisor.


And I’m just getting started.




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